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7/19/08 5:03:36PM
I was bored clicking through links on the playground when an idea came to me for a thread.

What is your best event ever? Whether secondary league or the UFC/Pride FC league which is your best event? How many points did you score and what rank were you? How much cash flow did you rake in? Also, what do you feel is the best upset pick or hotbout pick you ever made?

My best score- Strikeforce, Four Men Enter, One Man Survives- 67 points and 2nd place overall.

My best wager- EliteXC on CBS Parley wager for $500 to make $6,608

My best upset/hotbout pick ever- Picking Frank Mir by Submission in rd 1 against Brock Lesnar. People were buying into the Lesnar hype so much the boards around here were ridiculous. It was probably one of the happiest moments of my life (no joke, actually) seeing Frank Mir tap out Brock Lesnar by leg submission in rd 1 just like I had told a million people would happen. It's tooting my own horn, sure, but I was smiling like I ate a whole bag of shit for the next week straight.

Share some of your stories!

7/19/08 5:10:34PM
DREAM 3 -> 80 Points, got second in that event

Never been great in wagers, always avarage a bankroll of around 4k (all three seasons) i always go up gradually, never actually hit a big parlay, highest i've made at one time was like 3k.

Best upset picks-> Irvin over Alexander
7/19/08 5:14:04PM
$79,211 is what I got at UFC 86 where I placed 3rd and ended the season ranked 7th and winning a free shirt was nice vary vary nice

Best Picks for point was Cage Rage 25-69 points

<------------Look over here and you can see
7/19/08 5:17:03PM
Best Score- Dream 1. i got 93 points and went 8-0. i came in first (obviously) and had every single fight perfect (including the hot bout) except for 1 in which i only got 5.

Best Wager- UFC 84 $660 parlay on Carwin, Kim, Palhares and Thiago for $4,586.

Best Upset/Hot Bout pick- i'll go with Mir/Lesnar as well. got 22 points off of it. i wasn't really concerned about the outcome since i was fairly confident but it felt really good to shut everyone up.

Oh, and i called Aoki winning his last fight by gogo...just not a mounted gogo lol
7/19/08 5:27:27PM
Best income was at ufc 84, ill will. I got like 10,000 off a 500 parlay on Carwin, Palhares, silva and yoshida.

Highest finish was 262 on the ultimate fighter 6 finale. Funnily enough my second highest finish was the ultimate fighter 7 finale. I think i must be a tuf noob after all.

Highest points was ufc 84 with 75.
7/19/08 5:38:03PM
UFC 75: 67 pts and ranked #47
My wagers are terrible
7/19/08 7:43:24PM
The greatest pick / bet ever was picking Rampage to beat Chuck again at UFC 71, most of the idiots watching with me were all confident to the point of arrogant that Chuck would win and they denied that Rampage beat him until I showed them the video, I laughed and made 100$ from 3 people, some of the easiest money I've ever made next to the Sylvia / Nog fight or poker.
7/19/08 8:04:33PM
Ultimate Fight night 7, went 9-1 and scored 70 points. Very very tough. So many and you have to scroll through time to give an honest productive answer. Some that come to mind, Randy over Sylvia, Congo over Cro Cop, Machida over Soko, great idea for subject. Spot on. True.
7/19/08 8:46:41PM
Event Title: IFL 2007 Semi-Finals
Points Awarded: 86
Event Rank: #1 out of 1258

Best hotbout/upset pick - either Randy vs Tim or Tim vs Vera.
7/19/08 9:43:36PM
My best events seem to come in the Secondary league

So its Cage Rage 26 - 68 points for 4th overall
WVR - SenGoku 2 - 75 points for 6th overall

both helped me into the top 10 for season 3

as for wagers, I suck at them but hit a parlay on WEC 33 for $2,316
7/21/08 12:03:11AM
Was just thinking I should have done a worst picks ever thread... haha
8/4/08 7:18:51PM
Jardine over Lidell-

Forrest over Jackson

best performance ufc- rampage v Forrest 69 points (I also picked"Rumble" so id have had more points-

8/4/08 7:24:54PM
well i now bested my previous wager. for last night's WEC i turned $310 into $6,911 by betting on Cantwell and Grispi.
8/4/08 8:05:16PM
My best event ever for points was UFC 84.
94 pts. placed 14th.
My best event for wagering was TUF finale for season 7, earned 7923.
8/5/08 2:22:07AM
Affliction Banned 73 points
8/5/08 9:04:53AM
Best event: UFC 83 GSP vs Serra II (71 for best event)
*Mentionable* went 11-0 on Affliction Banned (only with 69 pts though)

Best pick: Forrest over Rua UFC 76 Knockout

Biggest $ score: 5,706$ TUF 7 finale, hit a 600$ parlay paying out 4,907$ with Fisher,Lister,McFeds,Riddle and put the rest of my bankroll on Diego to win 494$, then 305$ for the picks
8/5/08 9:51:30AM
BEST EVENT: Dream 5 ::: 7-0 w/76 points (#5 overall)

BEST PICK: Miguel Torres over Chase Beebe @ WEC 32

BEST BANKROLL GAIN: $3033 ($2428 on a Dolloway->Gugerty->Velasquez parlay @ UFN14 + $400 on Velasquez + $305 for prediction bonuses)
8/5/08 12:57:08PM
My most dramatic wager had to be putting my last $90 on Jardine vs. Liddell.

most money off one wager was putting a grand on Thiago Silva vs. Houston Alexander... +275 for Thiago was ridiculous

best pick was probably Aoki in his rematch with JZ... got the underdog bonus on that.
8/11/08 2:37:18AM
Most points - 69 UFC 82 Hendo Silva

Highest earnings - $41000, Elite XC Lawler Smith 2 (

Best night - #1 in earnings Dream 5. $27000

best pick - recently, Emerson over Manny. Best ever, Gonzaga over Crocop, and I said Round 1 KO

earnings seem to be my thing, 5 top 10 finishes, and 10 top 50 finishes.

i suck S word at pick
8/11/08 2:38:11AM

Posted by emfleek

BEST EVENT: Dream 5 ::: 7-0 w/76 points (#5 overall)

yay Dream 5
8/11/08 9:27:36AM
Primary league Best Picks: UFC Fight Night 14: Silva vs Irvin: 89 points
" " Best Bankroll gain: UFC 87: Seek and Destroy: $5,145

L2 Best Picks: EliteXC on CBS: 94 points - #2 overall
L2 Best Bankroll gain: Elite XC: Smith vs Lawler 2: $25,849

Crazy, I did not notice that the two most recent events have been my best for both picks and wagers for the primary league!
8/11/08 10:58:30AM
Picking Jardine to beat Liddell or Rivera and Cote to beat Grove

Or the whole cards of UFC 65, 72, 77, 80, 82 and 84

I assume Pride picks dont count anymore so I wont go there.
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