Who do you think is the best overall striker in MMA?

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2/3/07 3:06:44AM

Posted by Spiderman

Posted by Svartorm

Chin certainly does factor in to the striking game, but with Hunt, its about 80% of his striking game. Being able to take ridiculous amounts of punishment and return a punch now and again doesn't make you a great striker. it makes you a human punching bag that can fight back. If great chins were all you needed to be considered a great striker, all those Combat Kai guys would own MMA. If you take Hunts chin away, you're left with a more refined Tank Abbot, who I wouldn't call a good striker.

I think we're actually talking about two entirely different things when talking about strikers here, but I gotta go to work so we'll have to figure this out when I get home.

You are confuseing Hunt with fighters like Liddel . Or maybe you think Tank could outland / point Mirko if he had Hunts Chin ?

Hunt didnt get hit a lot when he fought Mirko ! He landed more shots on Mirko than Mirko landed on him [ a lot more if you count them throughout the fight ] . Mirko barely threw any punchs He mostly just Kicked and ran Kicked and ran . the majority of his kicks where easy to see comeing , and easily blocked by Hunt .

Hunt has a good chin , but he is far from indestructable . He needs to block shots like everybody else .

" If great chins were all you needed to be considered a great striker, all those Combat Kai guys would own MMA. "

I dont know combat Kai ? but your right about needing more than a great chin . It didnt work for Chuck when he fought a decent striker with a good chin in Rampage .

I just watched the Crocop vs Hunt fight last week and I think they landed about the same amount of shots. I think Hunt won because he scored on aggression and damage with that sick body shot/knee combo he landed. Otherwise I think they were about equal. Hunt took no less than seven LHK and two axe kicks directly to the face with little trouble, and he barely blocked any of them. Thats why I would put Mirko above Hunt as a striker. Mirko has an average chin, and wasn't even rocked in that fight. Hunt has the best chin in combat sports and if he was anyone else, would have been KTFO ten times over.

As for Combat Kai, its a martial art of sorts where you stand there and get kicked in the face, groin, throat, or what have you. If you go on youtube, I'm sure you can find a few clips of Combat Kai dudes getting beat on. It was meant as a joke.
2/3/07 6:14:46AM
The only Kicks that stood out in my mind where the 1 axe kick which I didnt think looked that hard , and 1 LHK that looked like it landed pretty clean , he also had 1 more LHK that looked like it partialy landed . And I just watched the dvd about a week ago .. You say you saw 7 good LHK . Where you watching the retail dvd , or maybe a more blurry dvd you copyed from the ppv ? either way you said only 7 . I have never seen Mirko throw more kicks in a fight than he did in that one He must have done at least 100 Kicks probably more , if only 7 landed that isnt a good percentage % ... If you think Hunt cant be Hurt check out his K-1 fights with Lebbaner .. He has a good Chin but I dont think its on the level of a David Tua , or Mike Tyson as you said best in " combat sports "

I left out The reason Mirko didnt get rocked real bad [ except for when he got dropped by the uppercut and fell in the corner ] was because he was allways backing up and he was moving backward most of the time when he got hit . He allways fights like this he dosent like to exchange [ Probably because he dosent have a great chin ] but he runs so much that he often runs out of gas in long fights .
2/3/07 12:03:51PM
I hope I'm not the first person to mention B.J. Penn and Georges St. Pierre.
2/3/07 1:13:43PM
How about Yves Edwards - even though I don't consider him the best he might deserve some type of honorable mention for the clinic he put on when he fought Hansen in Bushido even though he ultimately lost - I think him and Ludwig are the only two guys I've seen pull out 10+ hit combos
2/3/07 1:24:53PM
i really hope its A. Silva now so Lutter gets an ass-whooping of the highest degree
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