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2/4/08 6:54:14PM
if the ufc just wanted to serve someone up to this guy, who could he absolutely destroy?
2/4/08 6:59:48PM
HIs style is a gret matchup for Tim Sylvia... I really do think that he would destroy Sylvia due to his strength, takedowns, gorund and punds his way to a victory.
2/4/08 7:04:20PM

2/4/08 7:06:43PM

Posted by tuvok500

Arent they suppose to be empty can???
2/4/08 7:06:51PM
if heath herring beats kongo, herring would be it, if herring looses to kongo, herring would be it, heath herring would be a good opponent, since he can take alot of punishment, and he would basically be brocks punching bag for however long he can take the punishment, i think this would be a good match for brock, to get him experienced, get used to being in there, good learning experience for him as far as working on techniques to better his position, striker and BJJ and other stuff............kongo would also be a good match up for brock, as far as making him lok good, but i doubt it they give him kongo since if he wins they proly want him to fight sylvia for top contender or whatever..........eddie sanchez i think would also be a good match up for brock, clearly not the most dangerous fight for brock, i think he would win pretty easy, but sanchez has also some name recognition, and the ufc would be able to market the far as marketing, Kongo would be the best, make the whole striker vs wrestler, but still knowing lesnar will win this fight (not always goes as planned, but chances are few brock would loose)
2/4/08 7:08:38PM
if they want brock to win
KONGO!!!!! or hardonk, but most likely KONGO!!!!!
2/4/08 7:16:01PM
I have to agree with Sylvia being the best match-up. He has problem with guys with strong, consistent take downs. If Randy was a problem Brock should dominate Tim. His wrestling was amazing and he seems to way WAYYYY stronger than Randy. If Brock has a somewhat decent chin, I can see him winning 10 times out of 10.

I admit, I bashed the shit out of Brock before this fight. I saw him as a bad image for the UFC. But after that Mir fight I could see him becoming very dangerous in 2009-2010. I don't think Brock is a A-Level fight yet, but his style is suited to a fighter like Tim. If Brock can learn basic triange, guillotine, and armbar defense he can avoid anything Tim can do off his back. His top-level wrestling will neutralize Tim's excellent stalling skills. Look at that beautiful spin against Frank. That is something many fighters are not able to do in the UFC, off the top of my head I can only think of Joe Stevenson and Sean Sherk that have pulled that off.

This sport is all about styles, and Tim's is tailor-made for Brock.
2/4/08 7:30:10PM
With as much as the UFC has invested on Brock, they will look for an easy win for him. They want to hype him. Monson would be a very close match, but two losses right now in Brock's career would be disastrous right now. I'm sure they will give Brock a total can, but if they want to do it right, have him fight Big Tim. That way even if he loses again, he doesn't lose creditability because Tim is still a top-caliber fighter and I'm sure it would not be a one-sided lopsided fight. He could still come out a winner in that fight.

Or he could have a glass chin and get destroyed. He still has a lot of question mark's about him.

I hate to admit it, I'm excited to see him.
2/4/08 7:35:10PM
i think it should be hardonk
2/4/08 7:39:41PM
Let Brock fight Eddie Sanchez. I think he deserves to get beat down after that fight at UFC 79. This way, he will be forced to try to win rather than stand around with this other out of shape guy and taunt each other to start punching.

Regardless, I think joining the UFC early was a bad choice for Lesnar
2/4/08 7:57:38PM
He's a gold mine for the UFC. His entire carreer could be in the UFC. This is a dream for the UFC, as they can market that great, I can see it now "Brock Lesnar was born in the fire of the UFC" -Dana White lol.

This will allow him the most exposure, plus if he had waited 3-4 years some of his recent fans would not pay as much attention.

It's a win-win for the UFC. It's an interesting experiment.
2/4/08 8:02:00PM
I personally think this Mir fight was a fluke...Brock was beating him to pieces and then without warning Mazagatti takes a point away without warning for a punch to the back of the head that Mir turned into.. brock was domintaing on the ground with vicious ground and pound and excellent transition. the fight would've been over in the first minute without the bullshit stoppage. Brock will dominate anyone in the division with mediocre jiu jitsu for now and will soon know how not to get caught in bad positions.. Big Ups to Mir though for taking a serious pounding and not givin up.. mad props for both fighters. they proved alot
2/4/08 8:30:20PM
let's not start the if the deduction was right debate in this one lol. honestly, Mir was in the same posistion he was 15 seconds later and look how it ended up.

It's not like Mir stood up and KO'ed Brock on the feet. Brock had the same side control he had before (maybe on the other side, I can't remember) and was doing the same thing. Mir is a bad match up for Brock just as GSP is a bad match up for Hughes, Chuck/Tito, Rampage/Chuck... etc...

2/4/08 9:30:26PM
He needs someone like Hardonk. Tim would kill him via exp.
2/4/08 9:40:14PM
I think he would destroy Cro cop .....

Hmmm Lesner vs Cro cop UFC 85??? Sounds good to me
2/4/08 10:07:32PM
Maybe a fight with Carwin would be good for Brock
2/4/08 10:09:20PM

Posted by Kracker_Jap

I think he would destroy Cro cop .....

Hmmm Lesner vs Cro cop UFC 85??? Sounds good to me

I was thinking the same thing with the loses piling up for CC this could be a good rebound fight for him to win
olny if he could keep from being slamed most likly that wouldnt happen and Brock would beat a great fighter
2/4/08 10:10:55PM
Bring In Cabbage or Justin Mccully.
2/4/08 10:36:43PM
alot of good calls.......i do think tim would win the fight.........eddie would be a punching bag, which would be entertaining.
if they want to make money, which they do they will serve him a chump, but i wouldn't mind seeing him get submitted again.
i do like the heagth herring match up
2/4/08 10:52:07PM
How could you suggest Kongo? If Kongo beats Herring to me he is the number one contender or at least one more big fight away from the number 1 contender spot. A fight against Lesnar does nothing for him.
2/4/08 11:59:35PM
Jake O Brian, same style, but Brock is bigger, stronger and better at it I think
2/5/08 1:24:32AM

Posted by rabbit915

How could you suggest Kongo? If Kongo beats Herring to me he is the number one contender or at least one more big fight away from the number 1 contender spot. A fight against Lesnar does nothing for him.

2/5/08 1:58:16AM
2/5/08 3:03:25AM
I'm thinking Soa Paleli. Hes got a decent record, looks mean as hell, but absolutely buckled under the pressure in his first UFC fight. He'd be a safe bet and would make for an impressive win.
2/5/08 3:42:03AM
i think hardonk and sanchez would be gimmies for Brock, but if the ufc wants to give brock a higher tier fighter that brock will probobly beat id say their best bet is kongo, kongo has been slowly improving his TD, but it's still lackluster and when on the ground kongo is basically a turtle.

i think gonzaga, heath and sylvia would beat lesnar.
2/5/08 7:07:20AM
i would love to see him fight mark hunt. that is a guy who is as big as brock although not as strong. mark has that concrete Samoan head (man i wish i was samoan) and could weather the early storm and maybe get brock to tire out some. it is hard to imagine that he can keep that sort of pace up for long but it usually wont matter as very few guys can sustain that amount of punishment. mark hunt can, but it is probably too dangerous a fight for brock right now. if i was the ufc id give him a strikes like kongo or someone like sao palelie or eddie sanchez.
2/5/08 8:01:55AM
sanchez or hardonk
2/5/08 10:01:34AM
Justin Eilers, nuf said.
2/5/08 11:57:08AM
One of these three people would be the best matchup for Brock. Hardonk, McCully, or Palei. I think Brock could win any of those three with relative ease.
2/5/08 3:23:11PM
brock needs a little more training first lol
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