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9/29/09 6:43:06AM
And that is why Yoshihiro Akiyama is headed in Vegas for October to train at Xtreme Couture. Akiyama will devote an entire month to training with Shawn Tompkins and Vitor Belfort to refine his striking. Tompkins acknowledged Akiyama’s merit as a fighter, describing his fighting style as “slick and aggressive.” He aims aims to shore up Akiyama’s defense during the month-long training sojourn. No word on his next fight date but he has fully recovered from an eye injury suffered at UFC 100.

9/29/09 9:27:49AM
Good. I think we'll be seeing more stand-up defense now than ever before (in the sport). I see defense becoming something of a trend, "the next big thing" so to speak. If you look at some of the best fighters out there A. Silva, Machida, Fedor, all have excellent defensive skills, very elusive.
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