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POLL: Best NBA team?
Chicago Bulls 29% (7)
Detriot Pissers 8% (2)
Clevland Cavs 4% (1)
Houston Rockets 8% (2)
Pheonix Suns 46% (11)
Utah Jazz 4% (1)
11/21/07 4:02:58AM
Maybe the worst poll in playground history... You left off the Spurs, the Mavs, and the Celts. Precisely the three teams with the best shot at winning it all.
11/21/07 11:30:42AM
lol dont even get started w. the knicks
11/25/07 2:29:08PM
seriously dont count the rockets out...if and when mcgrady goes on a tear its hell for any team that is playing against evident when they played the mavs i think 2 or 3 years ago in the playoffs...yao is another big factor that plays towards the fact that the rockets are a force to be dealt with..mcgrady and yao are a deadly combo when they have there nights much like what shaq and kobe used to be yao has got the advantage over shaq becuase hes faster, taller, and has a pretty good percentage from the free throw line...BUT the rockets main problem is finishing games they had the mavs beat but they choked and lost....i think the rockets will go far this year
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