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POLL: Best main event in the last 6 UFCs?
Griffin vs Jackson 46% (17)
St. Pierre vs Fitch 32% (12)
Liddell vs Evans 16% (6)
Bisping vs Leben 0% (0)
Silva vs Cote 0% (0)
Alves vs Hughes 5% (2)
10/25/08 12:26:54AM
I will put UFC 90 cuz its tomorrow. Apologies that i didn't include Silva vs Irvin or Neer vs Diaz.
EDITS: Alves vs Hughes
Liddell vs Evans
Griffin vs Jackson
Fitch vs GSP

note: couldn't find a leben vs bisping video so sorry

10/25/08 12:28:55AM
The one I was looking forward to the most was Griffin/Jackson.
10/25/08 12:30:18AM

Posted by cheesy-maggot

The one I was looking forward to the most was Griffin/Jackson.

i meant which was the best fight but i was looking forward to it too and i think it lived up to the hype
10/25/08 12:30:24AM
Griffin/Jackson was the best fight. But I was more excited to see GSP/Fitch
10/25/08 12:34:51AM
Griffin/Jackson....i mean it shouldve been a Draw & it was a good fight
i thought gsp/fitch would get this before they fought, never expected gsp to make fitch look that bad
10/25/08 12:44:05AM
I was really looking foreward to watching both those guys let alone that they were fighting eachother.

Awesome fight too, so it lived up to the huge hype.
10/25/08 12:54:57AM
Oh hah well yeah I think i'll still pick that fight.
10/25/08 1:26:19AM
lol i didn't put the last six events because i wanted to include jackson vs griffin so i could see if everyone else like it as much as i did. im glad i did. i never realize how good of head movement jackson had til that fight. call me a newb but ya.
10/25/08 1:32:22AM
well Griffin vs Jackson was easily the best fight out of the ones listed. it was a back and forth battle that had you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what would happen next. you had absolutely no idea who would win that fight and if you are anything like me you chewed your finger nails completely off when it went to the judges. that fight had powerful exchanges, accurate striking, a dominant round, a comeback round and a high pace. not much more you that you can ask for in a main event imo
10/25/08 2:07:57AM
Griffin vs Jackson was definatly the most hyped and it produced Greatlly, 5 Rounds of non stop action which is what most of us MMA Fans want to see in a Fight
10/25/08 4:28:58AM
I'll rate them
Alves/Hughes= **** (I loved seeing hughes get Knocked out)
Jackson/Griffin= ***** (it was an awesome fight and I liked that forrest won)
St. Pierre/Fitch= **** (both fighters really impressed me)
evans/Liddell=***** (the KO made it great, even though Im a HUGE chuck fan)
Bisping/Leben=** (It really wasnt that big of a fight for it to be a PPV main event, and i wasnt all that impressed with the fight)

I'd have to say Jackson vs Griffin was my favorite, even though i accidently picked St.Pierre/Fitch
10/25/08 5:09:09AM
St. Pierre vs. Fitch was great just to witness the heart and the beating Fitch was able to take. That man is a true warrior.

Griffin vs. Jackson was probably the closest, though.
10/26/08 2:21:17AM

WOW thats it WOW Fitch got beat the worst I ever seen Im sure he was vary close to death in that fight
10/26/08 2:25:06AM
Griffin, Jackson by a landslide
10/26/08 1:06:20PM
IMO It's GSP vs. Fitch. The entire fight was action packed and Fitch stood toe to toe with arguably the best welterweight in the world. Yes, he was dominated, but he took every GSP had to offer and the entire fight I was on my feet. I couldn't have asked for more from that fight, except maybe Fitch winning the fight:P but after the first round I think we all knew that wouldn't happen.

Great fight though. WAR FITCH
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