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4/28/08 12:24:50AM
What do you think is the best loss for a fighter? One that benefitted his career and made him train harder and smarter. A loss that made him become more well-rounded or gave him more experience? A loss that made him learn from his mistake and rededicate himself?

GSP's loss to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. He became more focused, trained extensively and grew as a fighter.

BJ's loss to Hughes at UFC 63 because BJ was winning the fight and learned that cardio is important. He's a better striker than Hughes but was losing because he gassed. Now he knows he has to incorporate that into his training.

Kenflo's loss to Sherk UFC 64. Kenflo gained the experience and has been on a tear since.

What are some others?
4/28/08 12:35:11AM
when chuck lost to randy then rededicated himself and came back and beat him.

bisping loosing to rashad hamil rededicatating himself and droping to the weight class where he belongs. dominating captain miserable.
4/28/08 12:54:48AM
Marcus Davis's loss to Melvin Guillard....he realized then that he would have to learn the ground game and get stronger physically to suceed in MMA. This set in motion his current 11 fight win streak!!
4/28/08 2:29:34AM
Jens Pulver's loss to B.j. Penn made him rethink his career and rededicate himself which showed in his Win over Cub Swanson.

I wish Krazyhorse could suffer one of these losses because he needs to dedicate himself to the Sort because Basketball Games and Masturbating is not Training.
4/28/08 7:14:30PM
Rampages lose to Shogun

Beat Henderson and chucky for the title
4/28/08 9:48:03PM
Kenflo losing to Sherk...Now he Finishes Fights!!!!!!!!

4/28/08 10:32:39PM
CC had a good run after losing to Randleman.

GSP's losses to Hughes and later to Serra
4/28/08 11:17:42PM
Rumor has it that Fedor one time dreamed of having a loss.
4/28/08 11:39:17PM
i'm going to have to say BJ's loss to GSP. i know he lost to Hughes in his next fight but that was due to an injury sustained in the fight imo and we can all agree that BJ was winning up until he hurt his rib. i think his loss to GSP really showed him that he can't just get by on his natural talent like he had been doing and that he had to work on his cardio. i believe it humbled him a bit and made him focus on training. going into his fight with Sherk, it is his hard work in the gym and his new mentality that will allow him to be the better man that night imo.

Pretty much, it is like when the smartest kid in class who never cracks open a book finds out that if he studies he gets even better grades.
4/29/08 10:58:45AM
I would have to say every match Bas Rutten ever lost ( only 4 of them).If you watch Bas' fights,from his first to last,you really see the evolution of a fighter.Every time he lost a match he came back stronger and always learned from a defeat.A lot of fighters today are so well rounded,that they come in with "at least" decent skills,in every area of combat.Watching Bas' career,you see the evolution of a stand up fighter,to a ground fighter,to a submission expert.He was one of the first to really excell at all phases of combat,and that all came from the need to learn more than one aspect of combat.
He was submitted by Funaki,only to come back and defeat him with a better gameplan.Though he lost to Ken Shamrock twice,both of those defeats helped him excel at his submission game.A Mixed Martial Artist should be able to learn from his loses and use them to his advantage.I personaly believe Bas Rutten is a prime example of a MMA fighter who did just that.
4/29/08 11:27:46AM
GSP's loss to Hughes comes to mind. He seemed to get the two things you'd want a fighter to come away with: more confidence (since he did better than most fighters were doing against Hughes at the time) and a realization that he still has a lot of work to do on his game. Obviously he put that work in.
4/29/08 2:16:30PM
Chuck's loss to Jardine made him hungry again....He's back to his shit talkin and i love it. WARR CHUCKY!
4/29/08 6:08:42PM

Posted by MondayNiteMauser

Chuck's loss to Jardine made him hungry again....He's back to his shit talkin and i love it. WARR CHUCKY!

Disagree, he just lost to Rampage and should have been hungry already, but I agree in the sense that the loss gave him the win against Wandy, Wand had a terrible gameplan and Chuck had a better one resulting in a close fight. If he fights 100% Shogun it will be the end of his run at a Chuck / Rampage 3, he should definatly go to Heavyweight.
5/30/08 4:19:57AM
I hope I am right on this one. Ken Shamrocks loss to Robert Berry let him know that he needs to call it quits as far as fighting professionally goes.
5/30/08 4:27:42AM
Rampage's loss to Shogun, as well as his terrible performance against Ninja really refocused him as a fighter. He lost brutally to Wanderlei, then came back and won a decision over Ninja in one of the worst fights I've ever seen, then got destroyed by Shogun. After that he overhauled his training and got real sparring partners, and mentally refocused. Look at him now, he is the current king at 205, but Wanderlei might have his number!
5/30/08 10:42:42AM
Wanderlei vs Tito...

In a way, his lose to Tito sent him elsewhere... And instead of being in the wrestler dominated UFC he was able to move to an org that gave him the opportunity to show off his Muay Thai... Which in turn built his fanbase to what it is and made him a legend in MMA... He also went on an 18 fight (almost 5 YEAR!!) unbeaten streak (including the NC with Yvel and a draw with CC) then finally losing a split decision to the much larger Mark Hunt.
5/30/08 4:14:54PM
- A loss in which you were totally dominated in your strongest facet of MMA forcing you to achive a more well rounded game
- A loss in which you were on a long hot streak or undefeated (and or champion) and beating elite opponents then thought you were unstoppable then you get beat badly, decision, sub, or KO dosnt matter
- A loss in a fight you were completely dominating the fight then you get caught with a flash (T)KO or your a victim of a quick n' slick sub making you rethink your fighting strategies and instincts
- A loss which seems like it might end your career making you more dedicated to win the next one for the sake of your contract even your career
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