who had or has the best leg kicks in mma

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8/10/09 5:37:48AM
who do u think has the best leg kicks!!!!!!
8/10/09 6:18:06AM
Currently I think Antoni hardonk has the best legs kicks, they're vicious, to date he's won two UFC fights win leg kicks. As as the old day, well I'm going to say Pedro Rizzo, he's always had great leg kicks.
8/10/09 9:36:29AM
if we're talking only leg kicks, i'll go with pat barry
8/10/09 11:31:25AM
Brandon Vera
8/10/09 11:36:44AM
He doesn't always use them enough, but Cro Cop has the most devastating leg kicks.

8/10/09 12:19:05PM
marcos ruas , pedro rizzo , mirko cro cop , thiago alves , anthony hardonk , anderson silva
8/10/09 12:43:20PM
Antoni Hardonk has pretty wicked leg kicks

HD Pat Barry KO'd someone with leg kicks

so did Brandon Vera

and Thiago Alves nearly took Koschek's leg off with a leg kick
8/10/09 2:05:05PM
Mirko, Vera and Alves spring to mind. Mirko aswell.

Hardonk and Barry have lethal leg kicks aswell.
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