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1/22/12 4:28:42AM
What do you think is the best knockout in MMA history?
I am looking to write an article and need some direction.

1/22/12 4:35:07AM
to name a few...

Barboza vs Etim
CroCop vs Gonzaga
Henderson vs Bisping
Rampage vs Arona
Anderson Silva vs Belfort
Anderson Silva vs Fryklund
Fedor vs Arlovski
Mark Coleman vs Pete Williams

1/22/12 5:03:34AM
I'd say Henderson vs. Bisping.
1/22/12 6:28:34AM
Off the top of my head these come to mind:

Franklin over Quarry
Ortiz over Tanner
Serra over GSP
Barboza over Etim
Gonzaga over Cro Cop
Belfort over Wanderlei
Scott Smith over Pete Sell
Evans over Salmon
1/22/12 9:58:53AM
Baroni Menne
1/22/12 1:19:14PM

Posted by jjeans

Baroni Menne

Best knockout eva!!! Best eva!!!
1/22/12 7:18:13PM
Tank Abbott over Steve Nelmark
Ragdoll physics engaged! Abbott clearly has something against spines bending in proper directions.

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1/22/12 7:41:03PM
Rampage vs Silva 2
Cro Cop vs Igor
1/22/12 8:29:14PM
hendo vs bisping is my all time favorite. crocop had some great ones in pride. very tough article to write without a ton of disagreements from people.
1/22/12 9:23:52PM

Posted by SmileR

Posted by jjeans

Baroni Menne

Best knockout eva!!! Best eva!!!

You just made me youtube the fuck outta this!!!
1/22/12 9:44:11PM
Goodridge vs Herrera is one of my all-time favourites.

BJ Penn vs Caol Uno is another awesome one, especially because of BJ's reaction.
1/23/12 4:36:51PM
some that havent been named

Kongo vs Barry
Machida vs Couture
Smith vs Le I
Lawler vs Manhoef
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