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2/18/08 11:08:50PM
There are actually quite a few good ones but mainly by Cro Cop, heres a few i can think of off the top of my head...

Cro Cop vs. Igor
Cro Cop vs. Wanderlei
Cro Cop vs. Aleks
Cro Cop vs. Dos Caras Jr.
Yvel vs. Goodridge
Goodridge vs. Frye
GSP vs. Hughes 2
Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop
Williams vs. Coleman
2/18/08 11:18:16PM
If I picked one it would be Cro Cop on Igor. No real punishment before hand to effect Igor's ability to defend, just perfect timing and it was just gross lol. If your talking anything there are a few I'd like to include Peter Aerts on Rob van Esdonk, Cro Cop on Stuart Green, Remy Bonjasky on Vernon White and Klaoklai Kannorsing on Mighty Mo.
2/18/08 11:21:04PM
I say Cro Cop vs Aleks is my favorite.

...another decent one is Rashad vs Salmon

2/18/08 11:22:04PM
I am tempted to pick GG vs CC just because of the irony...but i am going to have to go with CC over Igor. it was just CC at his best because that kick came out of nowhere; i don't think any fighter would be standing after that.
2/18/08 11:23:41PM
Cro Cop is in his own league when it comes to this topic.

Ill take his head kick on Wandy that was sick.
2/18/08 11:25:30PM
i will pick.. all CC KOs
2/18/08 11:49:02PM
i like Yves weird head kick on Josh Tompson.
But my favorite Head Kick (Not a KO) Peter Aerts 1st Head Kick and Knock Down on Junichi Sawayashiki. LMAO he blocked it and still got knocked silly.
2/18/08 11:49:43PM

Posted by loonytnt

i will pick.. all CC KOs

2/18/08 11:51:35PM
Josh Thompson vs Yves Edwards

Need I say more
2/19/08 1:32:43AM
I second the Cro-cop vs. Wanderlei KO. The Destruction of wandy throughout the whole fight was unbelievable. The High-kick not only seemed imminent but also served as icing on the cake in what possibly was Cro-cops most impressive fighting performance ever.
2/19/08 2:31:18AM
Peter Aerts takes this one guys

But here is an honorable mention, Jerome Le Banner, in his first encounter with Gary Goodridge. Look it up on dailymotion, its immense. If its not his first fight with Goodridge, look at the second, its out there somewhere and it's well worth seeing. Perfect combo to set it up, foot cracks Gary square on the jaw and drops him like a a sack of potatos!
2/19/08 3:25:37AM

Posted by hotrodttt

Josh Thompson vs Yves Edwards

Need I say more

This is the one that came to mind for me, it was so damn un expected and the shin bone right into the the side of the face was brutal.
2/19/08 11:55:16AM
Any of Cro Cop's for sure and I have to also go with Yves head kick win over Josh Thompson.
2/19/08 1:01:37PM

Posted by hotrodttt

Josh Thompson vs Yves Edwards

Need I say more

Pair that with Yves highlight KO of Edson Berto last weekend and I can only come to one conlusion...


I'm oldschool so this one came to mind right away, as well as the Petey Williams highkick against Coleman...

Also, if someone can help me out... Was it Funaki or Kondo that KO'd Frank Shamrock with a highkick in Pancrase?... It was the one that sent him through the ropes...
2/19/08 1:15:10PM
No love for the Chuck Liddel kick on Babalu fight #1? I know it was sort of weird looking, but that was a momentous occasion in MMA history when he knocked out Babalu like that. It was like the point in his career when people started thinking "DAMN! This guy is for real!"
3/19/08 9:50:58AM
Hands down Napoa vs. Cro Cop......that was just tooooo nasty
3/19/08 11:09:19AM
Yeah anybody can throw high kick. But Yves Edwards over Josh Thompson takes it for me. SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE HEAD KICK!!!
3/19/08 8:37:43PM
i liked gonzagas over cro cop too. Nobody has mentioned Rashad Evans over Sean Salmons yet. DAMN!!!
3/19/08 10:11:55PM

Posted by p_unit23

i liked gonzagas over cro cop too. Nobody has mentioned Rashad Evans over Sean Salmons yet. DAMN!!!

I do believe that was mentioned, but for being from what was once a pure wreslter makes it worth another mention. Also, for style points, Edwards and Thompson was probably most impressive. I also liked Cro Cop on Silva, but I was ruiting for Crop Cop so I might be a little biased.
3/20/08 7:10:41PM
Man, definetly Gonzaga.

The irony is just...

Cro Cop made a name for himself for having the best head kick KO's...

...then when all is said and done he's on the recieving end of the best head kick KO in all of history.
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