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10/16/07 9:29:29PM

Posted by Modernwarrior

I loved playing Killer Instict back in they day. I still play sometime on an emulator.
I am shocked nobody has mentioned any Mortal Kombat games, I liked Trilogy and Ultimate MK3 the best.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Trilogy is the best fighting game.
11/3/07 2:15:56PM
Def Jam Fight For NY
11/4/07 9:35:12PM
Soul Calibur Series
Tekken 3-Eddy Gordo was the shit with Calypso dance style shit was crazy i remember pulling off like 12 hit combos.
11/4/07 9:43:01PM
I can't pick just one, so heres my favs in order

Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Dead or Alive 3
Fight Night Round 3

Why SF III is my #1 its chock full of "ohhh SHIT!" moments
11/5/07 7:01:33AM
Having played Virtua Fighter 5 now, I can say that they most certainly did not get Muay Thai right. The style is listen as "Kickboxing", but includes low kicks, knees and elbows, sometimes even with the Thai names, but few of the techniques actually look like they do in real life.

Now Street Figher EX+Alpha had it down, Sagats Muay Thai in that game looked amazing, his low kick in particular was perfectly captured. Actually I might just say it right now, Street Fighter EX+Alpha is the best fighting game I've ever played.
11/6/07 9:55:13AM
Marvel vs Capcom 2

Been playing it for years and I'm still to tired of it... I guess that makes it my #1
11/7/07 8:34:53PM
the only reason i'm not gonna say Fight Night round 3 is because it's only boxing. the best fighting game is Def Jam: Fight for NY
11/12/07 5:04:36PM
I stumbled on this today

Street Fighter IV Trailer

It was announced on October 17, 2007
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