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3/2/07 7:30:47PM
I'm not going to make this a poll because people write in there own answers anyway.

Even though I hate Pro Wrestling, all the THQ wrestling games were fun as hell to play and I'm stoked to see how they do with the new UFC game. But the only Fighting game I spent a whole month playing was Tekken Tag Tournament for PS2.
3/2/07 7:34:44PM
I don't know why really but Dead or Alive 3 is my favorite. I just love doing those nasty kneebars with Bayman.
3/2/07 7:39:32PM
Super Street Fighter ll Turbo ..............was my first fav. and there is still a special part in my heart for it(memories).

Fight Night Round 3

Marvel vs Capcom 2

WCW vs NWO revenge


3/3/07 1:50:28PM
Soul Caliber for Dreamcast
3/3/07 1:59:32PM
im a Fight Night 2 guy.
But Street Fighter 2: The new Challengers is also a very good game.
Smackdown 2 is also very good and old school PS1
3/3/07 2:10:38PM
Blades of Steel for original nes
The best
3/3/07 2:31:01PM
Street Fighter II.
3/3/07 2:51:58PM
Such a hard question to answer. It comes down to Street Fighter 2, Smash Bros., or No Mercy for me. Gonna say No mercy because you can make fighters, otherwise I would have given the nod to one of the other 2. Honorable mention goes to a pretty spiffy online game called "Rakion," check it out.

And I'm pretty sure AKI made the N64 wrestling games great, so don't hold your breathe on any THQ release.
3/3/07 7:11:09PM
def jam icon


marvel vs capcom 2

tekken tag
3/3/07 7:55:59PM
super smash bros melee, tekken tag, dead or alive II and somethin like soul caliber? is that a game or am i combining to game names into one? cant think.
3/3/07 10:24:47PM

Posted by mma_fan_matt

Street Fighter II.

Which ones? There is actually several different versions.
I have several alone. there is:
Black belt
New challengers
and a few more
3/3/07 10:33:26PM
Bushido Blade and Bushido Blade 2 for PS.
3/4/07 2:39:42AM
Killer Instinct.
3/4/07 2:44:51AM

Posted by Snacks

Killer Instinct.

I played that game so much I would rub the fingerprints off my thumbs
3/4/07 4:30:21AM

Posted by Snacks

Killer Instinct.

Great game...cant believe that game didnt cross my mind....i too would play with band-aids on my thumbs

3/4/07 5:17:13AM
All of these are great games. I gotta throw in Mike Tyson's Punch Out for NES, PrideFC for PS2 and can't forget the classic River City Ransom for NES. FNR3 and DOA4 are good. There's prob a few I'm many good ones

Posted by Trapt1nw0nder

Super Street Fighter ll Turbo

WCW vs NWO revenge

Posted by migo

Bushido Blade and Bushido Blade 2 for PS.

Posted by Snacks

Killer Instinct.

3/6/07 10:50:26AM
I loved playing Killer Instict back in they day. I still play sometime on an emulator.
I am shocked nobody has mentioned any Mortal Kombat games, I liked Trilogy and Ultimate MK3 the best.

3/6/07 11:25:27AM
the old AKI wrestling games were awesome, where else can you find wrestlers like dr. frank, paco loco, and powder keg. punch out(the original) and the fight night series are also very good. double dragon changed gaming with the level of violence involved but i'm not sure it qualifies as a fighting game.
3/6/07 12:27:25PM
Super Punch-Out for the SNES was also an amazing game with Superb graphics at the time...the one on the NES was also a Superb title
3/8/07 4:20:37AM
Melty Blood is pretty good too.
3/8/07 4:31:20AM

Posted by Snacks

Melty Blood is pretty good too.

have not played it,but it looks good..

PS....i like your new Avatar! more nightmares
3/8/07 12:25:06PM
I like Fight Night Round 3 and any Mortal Kombat.
3/24/07 9:59:12PM
Street Fighter Alpha 3

I never got a chance to play SF3, but I hear it's the most advanced version for playing.
10/2/07 12:22:10AM
im gonna have to say FN Round 3... such great graphics and the sweat looks amazing, i was impressed with the ripples and shit... so wicked`
10/4/07 3:03:59AM
mortal kombat cuz of the fatalities.
10/16/07 12:17:32PM
virtual fighter 5 the remake they had a great judo killer in it man best 3d fighter ever son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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10/16/07 3:06:57PM
Goh Hinogami was in VF4 though too...

when it comes out later this month the new 3rd edition of Virtua Five will smash all competition. When I played VF4 I had no idea what Muay Thai really was, I can't wait to get VF5 later this month and and see if they got Muay Thai right. I'll be the first to complain if it doesnt look or feel like real Muay Thai!

Other games on my list of best fighters;

Street Fighter EX+Alpha (Featuring my favourite incarnation of one of my favourite videogame characters of all time- SAGAT!)
Mortal Kombat; Deception
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Tekken 3
10/16/07 3:24:12PM
My #1 has always been Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, followed by Street Fighter Alpha 3, Guilty Gear Isuka, Tekken 5, and the Soul Calibur series.
10/16/07 7:01:45PM
I like fight night round 3, purley based on the slow motion replay of the knockouts, its awesome. I played alot of tekken when i was younger to.
10/16/07 8:43:01PM
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