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4/25/07 5:43:38PM
Also other than fedor who do think has the most impressive streak active and non active

In the Heavyweight division (this goes without saying)
This is no Pride Vs UFC thread either

Fedor Emelianenko 23 strait wins hasnt lost since 4/6/01-present
Why even try to find some1 to compare this with!!!

In the Light heavy (205 limit)

Maurico "shogun" Rua -8 wins from 10/5/03-8/28/05 they included 7/8 fights finished - victories over Arona, Overeem, Lil Nog, Rampage, Gono, and Shoji

Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva- 16 str. wins from 8/12/00-10/31/04 with 14/16 finished all by KO/TKO included 1 draw vs. Crocop victories included
Rampage x2, Kondo, Yoshida, Sak x3, Hendo, Mezger

Chuck "Iceman" Liddell 7 str. wins from 4/2/04-Present with 7/7 finished (all by KO/TKO) victories Oritz x2, Couture x2, Babalu, Horn

In the Middle wieght (185 limit)

Matt "The Law" Lindland- 7 str. wins 11/27/04-4/29/06 with 6/7 fights finished-victories over Kimo (HW), Doerkson, Lutter, Van Arsdale, Wier

Denis Kang - 19 str wins 4/4/03-11/5/06 with 16/19 fights finished victories over
Gono, Ninja Rua, Wier, Semenov, Oba

Paulo Filho -14 str wins 7/24/00 - Present 7/14 fights finished victories over Misaki, Chonan, Ninja Rua, Sakurai, Shoji x2, Kondo, Minowa

Rich "Ace" Franklin - 8 str wins 4/16/04- 3/4/06 with 7/8 fights finished with victories over Loiseau, Quarry, Tanner, Slamcock, Rivera

Ryoto "Lyoto" Machida - 10 str wins 5/2/03- Present with 5/10 fights finished with victories over Franklin, Bonnar, Penn (HW), Hoger, Heath

In the Welterweight division (170 Limit)
*Gsp only 6 str wins i knew some1 would ask

Matt Hughes - 13 str. 3/17/01- 11/21/03 with 11/13 finished with victories over Trigg, Sherk, Newton, Sakurai

Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez - 17 str. 6/21/02-12/13/06 with 13/17 fights finished victories over Riggs, Karo, Diaz, Alessio, Florian

Jon Fitch - 12 str. 3/8/03- Present with 8/12 fights finished victories over Burkman, Joslin, Alves, Gouveia, Larson

In the Lightweight division (155 Limit)

Takanori "Fireball Kid" Gomi- 10 str 2/15/04- 12/31/05 with 8/10 fights finished victories over Sakurai, Pulver, Crazy Horse, Ralph Gracie, Costa

Gilbert "El Nino" Melendez - 12 str. 10/18/02 - Present with 8/12 fights finished
victories over Obiya, Guida, Sato, Kawijiri

Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk 12 str. 8/23/03 - 9/17/05 with 11/12 fights finished victories over King, Farber, Veyama

Urijah "California Kid" Faber 10 str 10/29/05 - Present with 10/10 fights finished
Crazy Horse, Pearson, Cruz

Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto 12 str. 9/16/02 - Present with 11/12 fights finished with victories over Miyata, Sudo, Uno, Royler Gracie, Majaros

I know there can be so may more added to this list if so post them
4/25/07 6:30:50PM
Fedors Record was amazing

Cro Cop's 7 fight win streak after being KO'd by Randleman was good too, Kanehara, Oyama, Aleks Emelianenko, Josh Barnett, Randleman and Coleman, all before losing to Fedor.

Thats an impressive win streak, thats some tough competition.
4/25/07 6:45:12PM
All of those streaks are impressive.

Like Fedor is self-explanatory. Silva and Liddell have a smaller win streak but they usually finish their opponents via brutal (T)KO. Hell, St. Pierre only has a 6-win streak, but he fought some really big studs in those 6 fights (e.g. Trigg, Sherk, Hughes, Penn).
4/25/07 6:59:23PM
Fedor for sure!
4/25/07 6:59:24PM
I also tried to keep in mind the talent of the compitetion yah that is one tough thing to pick i guess i would have to say that shogun due to the talent level that he fought against i believe all were in the top 10 in there division. Thanks for the crocop info that deserves to be up there as well.
4/25/07 7:41:56PM
Gomi and Melendez. I'm hoping Melendez gets a shot at Gomi's belt in the not too distant future.
4/25/07 8:16:49PM
Rampage should at least get a mention if Lidell gets mentioned for beating the same ppl

Satake. Grey. Igor Vovchanchyn. Kevin Randleman. Mikhail Illoukhine, Bustamante, And Lidell

Before Losing to Wandy on the same day.
4/25/07 10:19:43PM
damn it, please tell me you copy and pasted that
4/25/07 10:26:11PM
That's a really impressive. . . essay, I guess you'd call it. Did you copy and paste all that or did you do it yourself. Nevermind, it's hardly important.

I have to say, considering recent events, Fedor's streak is just all the more impressive. Consistency is such a hard thing to achieve in this sport.

To add to it, Big Nog had a 13 (I think) win streak before meeting Fedor for the first time. I don't think anyone else mentioned that.
4/25/07 10:27:59PM
Fedor, most definitely.

Gomi had a real good streak, too. That Pulver/Gomi fight was sweet. Looked like a boxing match with a few kicks and knees.
4/26/07 1:28:27AM
Great post. Wandy 16 wins, finishing 14 of them is amazing

+1 in "Full Mount"
4/26/07 2:21:07PM
Royce Gracie going thru everybody at UFC 1 and 2, how can you forget that.
Say what you want, that's impressive, and it's something no one else will ever be able to do!!
4/26/07 2:44:33PM
Unfortunatly non of that was copied and pasted i have been having this on going debate with some of my friends

Here is Big Nog's streak

Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira 13 str. 8/23/00 - 12/23/02 with 11/13 fights finished with victories over Hendo, Schlit, Sapp, Inoue, Herring, Coleman, Goodridge

That really is an impressive list of names there fedor is always stealing Big Nogs Thunder
4/27/07 1:51:28PM
im kind of disappointed there hasnt been much response to this thread yet people blow up some outragiously silly threads
4/27/07 2:01:47PM
Denis Kang's straight win record is pretty impressive but noone can touch fedor's
4/27/07 2:45:20PM
I would say Fedor but a closse second is GSP and his 6 fight win streak. He fought the best the UFC had to offer that is by far one of the toughest roads back to a title shot and he made it and won it.
4/28/07 2:51:29AM
Travis Fulton, 16 fight winning streak...haha...

4/30/07 4:13:30PM

Posted by aceprone

Travis Fulton, 16 fight winning streak...haha...


I also could have put Rashad and a bunch of other fighters hey travis fulton has 225 MMa fights impressive but in that streak is there one big name????
again the question that i pose is what streak is the best overall (except Fedor) and the best in each weight class
5/22/07 6:28:11PM
5/22/07 6:29:15PM

Posted by sleevey


Don't bump your posts.
5/22/07 6:32:58PM
Igor had a great run to start his career... If you don't count the "chin in eye" sub (just for the sake of arguement) he really didn't suffer a loss from 95 to 2000... Not bad if you ask me...
5/22/07 7:59:43PM
Fedor's is amazing and the best overall IMO. I also think Randy's 3 fight streak of Chuck, Tito, Vitor was awesome too. No I don't count the glove in the eyelid fight as a loss, should have been a NC, just like Fedor TK 1 should have been IMO.
2/1/08 2:00:17AM
Fedor's streak 24 (& Counting),
Rashad's 12 fight Undefeated Streak (& Counting),
Diego's 17 Before Koscheck,
and Mirko's 7 Streak after Loss to Kevin.
2/1/08 2:02:52AM
shoguns look pretty damn impressive. Look at the competition in that streak.
2/1/08 4:14:45AM
I think Fedor's is obviously the most impressive.

Honestly it's a bummer we haven't been able to realize the greatness of Urijah Faber's streak. The kid is an absolute animal and workaholic. Just because the weight class is so small I think it doesn't get as much credit. However, anybody who was a wrestler or watches that kind of stuff knows that some of the most brutal competition happens down in the buck o' somethin weight classes.
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