What are the best fight shorts?

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POLL: Who has the best fight shorts?
Tapout 25% (8)
Sprawl 38% (12)
Koral 6% (2)
Clinch Gear 16% (5)
Warrior Wear 16% (5)
Premeir Fighter 0% (0)
1/30/08 4:16:50PM
I desperately need a pair of fight shorts for grappling, mma, and kickboxing. Right now I'm just using some crappy pair of shorts from Walmart and they have pockets on them and people are wanting me to get regular fight shorts( so feet or toes don't get caught in the pockets). They need to be a reasonable price (30-50 bucks), and be durable and comfortable. I really like the new Sprawl shorts with the rubber thing on the legs to help you get a submission when someone is really slippery from sweat, but they're really expensive like $60.What are your suggestions?
1/30/08 4:37:00PM
i wear tapout, i like them
1/30/08 5:03:11PM
Sprawl, lol Tap outs to ghey.
they sell them at like foot locker.

1/30/08 5:50:11PM

Posted by KeNn

Sprawl, lol Tap outs to ghey.
they sell them at like foot locker.

I thought the same thing about TAPOUT but then I saw that episode of the the show when the one dude was explaining that he didn't care if you came up with the best Idea for a TAPOUT shirt that if he wasn't involved in the process he wasn't intrested. Meaning that he started the company to make what he liked and I was his heart in everything If he didn't love it he wasn't selling it. That kinda changed my opinion on tap out. I used to bother me to see guys in tapout shirts that I knew didn't train but then I relized with the sport growing its going to be hard for that not to happen. That would be like if you were into basketball and were upset that Nike was so big.

All that said my wife bought me a pair of TAPOUT shorts for XMAS and I like them so much I have yet to wear them, I think I am going to save them to wear in the summer then use them to train next winter.

Dan Hendersons Clinch Gear look good and I think they are only like 45.
1/30/08 6:10:07PM
grr i still hate those guys though lol.

BUT TAPOUT isn't a bad company, just doesn't make the best shorts.

Sprawl has very GREAT quality, and durability.

ACTUALLY to be honest I've never owned tapout shorts so I couldn't compare.

but my sprawl, and wand fight shorts are GREAT
1/30/08 8:39:41PM
I have a pair of Sprawl, and Tapout. However, they do not compare to the new ones I got a few months ago. Shock Gear is amazing. Its in coexistence with the BTT, and their amazing. Rather than having slits cut in the side, they use a stretch material on the sides of the legs to make them stretch as far as you need to go. No doubt the most comfortable and best shorts i've bought.

I bought mine off of www.mmauniverse.com for roughly 50 bucks.
1/30/08 8:44:23PM
tap out
1/31/08 8:33:17AM
I think I'm going to try out the Dan Henderson Clinch Gear shorts. They have an elastic spot around the crotch area for better flexibility and the slits and the sides/side panels are made of the same material so they stretch also. They look pretty good too IMO.
1/31/08 9:37:19PM
1/31/08 10:35:29PM
well i use Warrior wear =] all day but i only use them for JJ not anything else they are comfortable but cost around 50 bucks
2/1/08 1:47:26AM
Love the Tap out crew, hate their gear. Gotta be Sprawl and Clinch Gear for me
2/1/08 10:46:17AM
Of the shorts i've used, TapOut were the best. Comfortable, Quality, Durable.

A close second, which no one has mentioned, is Hitman. Those are great shorts as well.
2/4/08 11:20:33PM
Sprawls are still my favorites but the Tapouts are really popular as well.
2/10/08 5:11:25PM
I like my Contract Killer shorts myself
2/13/08 12:04:22AM
I use Tapout. They work well.
2/13/08 10:24:37AM
I wear crazy Hawaiian shorts with no pockets and love it!
Everyone wears them type of shorts man just buy what you feel comfy in.

But when I'm practicing my BJJ i wear sprawl ones so i'd go with them.
2/13/08 11:14:09AM
I really like the new Grip-flex sprawl shorts, pretty cool idea with the rubber/plastic on them to help hold on to a guy when hes really slippery and what not.
2/6/12 8:54:57AM
I Found this new post about mma shorts the last post there I saw was talking about mma fight shorts, tell me if it helps.
2/11/12 2:13:36AM
I just had one comment about sprawl shorts. They don't hold up as well as other brands. I have had two pair of sprawl and on both of them the Velcro wore out. I have had my clinch gear shorts for over 2 years now and have had no issues.
5/1/12 2:02:49PM
I'd say clinch gear too - but would also mention that their are a huge amount of brands out there not listed, Venom and Bad Boy being two of them.
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