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3/19/08 11:10:41PM
on paper this looks like the best fight night ever with 3 big fights. we never know if the fights will turn out to be exciting but with this line-up it looks promising. props to the ufc a real card for free. can anyone think of a fight night card better than the one coming on april 2?
3/19/08 11:20:46PM
This has the potential to be better than a lot of pay-per views.
3/19/08 11:26:35PM
I still Think that Ultimate Fight Night 10 was the Best but this one has the potential to surpass it.
3/19/08 11:27:34PM
The card is obviously the best ever but I don't know if any card ever can match fight night 11(i think it's 11) the one with quarry and leben in it.
3/19/08 11:42:51PM
Houston-Irvin IS GONNA BE SICK!!!!

I'll be standing for the whole fight, the 1 round it last!!!! The others should be good technical fights but I have a lot going lasting into the 3rd or going the distance. Should be great fights, just the only one that gets me pumped is Houston's.

But this is the best all around UFN on paper since a lot of fights should be good. Just might miss a lot of fights because of decisions. But Ortiz-Shamrock 3 or Gulliard-Stevenson is the best currently IMO. But Hopefully this one lives up to the hype!!!
3/19/08 11:56:13PM
This card is sick i'm really pumped for it
3/20/08 12:34:07AM
Good card but if they're all boring fights it won't be that good now will it? Seriously though I think it will be a great night.
3/20/08 1:04:05AM
This is reminding me of UFC 69. Everyone was dissing 69, saying it was one of the worst PPV's on paper. After the event, it was a different story.

Now this Fight Night is getting a lot of love, hopefully it lives up to the hype.

Does this post even make sense?
3/20/08 2:31:02AM
besides the big tim assuerio match, fight night 3 was quite good
3/20/08 4:02:55AM
It definetly has the potential. I sure how so.
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