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POLL: Witch is the Best Fight Camp Now
Black House 23% (6)
ATT 0% (0)
BTT 0% (0)
Team Quest 12% (3)
Xtreme Couture 50% (13)
Other 15% (4)
12/27/07 10:13:15AM
Right now what is the best fight camp in all of MMA? There are only six choices, and if you think it is some one else chose other and post who you think. Right now these are probably the best, that could be argued.

Top Fighters for each Camp-

Black House- Anderson Silva, Nogeria Bro's, Machida
ATT- JZ, Kang, Jeff Monson, Din Thomas, Thiago Alves
BTT- Paulo Filho, Ricardo Arona, Bustamante
Team Quest- Dan Henderson, Sokoudjou, Matt linland
Xtreme Couture-Randy Couture, Forrest Griffin, Wanderlei Silva
12/27/07 11:02:29AM
Do you mean the best place to train or the place that has the most succesful group of fighters training there?
12/27/07 12:13:38PM
The place with the most succesful fighters.
12/27/07 12:25:31PM
umm im not 100% sure where all the fighter are atm, a lot of figther train in a few camps, but i think a lot of fighters go to randys to train
12/27/07 3:57:54PM
Yes Randy has the most succesful fighters with the best game plans, for instance Forrest Griffin , Tyson Griffin , Jay Hieron, Gray Maynard and the list goes on.

And they actually listen to their corner while in a fight
12/27/07 5:27:07PM
1st is Miletich in my mind. They have Rich Franklin, TIm Sylvia, and Matt Hughes. All of these guys have been dominate champions til last year, its amazing how quickly people forget about that camp.

2nd is Xtreme Couture- Its a great camp but I thinks its over hyped just because Couture runs it. They have some of the best future potential though with Forrest, Tyson Griffin, Gray Maynard. Eventually they might be the top camp in the states but for now its still 2nd
12/27/07 5:32:18PM
i was gonna put miletich, but rich had went to montana to train and matt hughes left.
12/27/07 5:37:17PM
yea, they kinda fell apart and I was never a fan of Sylvia but I think Pat Miletich is just a great coach/trainer.
12/28/07 9:19:05PM
Yeh in there prime they had great fighters. Rich,Tim, Jens, Horn, Spensor, Pat.
They df were dominate over the UFC.


srry had to spread the love.
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