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10/12/07 1:09:21AM
whats the best fight you have ever seen? mma,boxing anything

id have to say Nick vs Robbie i love watchin that fight
10/12/07 1:34:05AM
Nick Diaz vs T Gomi , that GOGO was sick

But if you wanna go old school Pride - Ken Shamrock vs Don Frye
10/12/07 1:43:47AM

Posted by hotrodttt

Nick Diaz vs T Gomi , that GOGO was sick

But if you wanna go old school Pride - Ken Shamrock vs Don Frye

ha gogo was sick ive only seen 2 fights where someone used it and tapped
but boner griffin 1 was a sick ass fight
10/12/07 1:47:26AM
Shit, this is a toughy. Herring vs Nog #1 was a sick match. Virtually any Hendo match in PRIDE too; I love watching that guy fight.
10/12/07 2:20:42AM
I could watch CroCop vs Bob Sapp over and over again. Sapp writhing around crying on the mat just makes me wet my pants from giggling to hard.
10/12/07 2:43:00AM
Diego/Karo was a bad ass fight
10/12/07 4:34:16AM
Griffin Bonnar 1 is the greatest MMA fight of all time.
10/12/07 5:19:27AM
This might not be my favourite of all time but one that comes to mind is Vitor Belfort vs Wanderlei Silva at Ultimate Brazil where he forces Silva back to the other side of the octagon with those awesome quick punches. That was f'in cool.
10/12/07 6:57:49AM
Sorry guys,but best fights are in Boxing..

Vazquez/Marquez 1 and 2....(and 3 most likely..coming soon)

Barrera/Morales 1 2 and 3
Paquiao/Morales 1
Paquiao/Marquez (cant wait for 2)
Gatti/Ward 1 2 and 3 (especially 3)

alot more that dont come to mind right now,but might as well write a book ehh?


All of Nick Diaz's fights

even that last one with Aina was a classic

am i the only person alive that thought Griffin/Bonnar 1 was crap?...amatures going to war

10/12/07 7:16:05AM
10/12/07 9:50:17AM
I can't pick one...

Jerome Le Banner / Gary Goodridge I+II (Thats what domination looks like!)
Jerome Le Banner / Peter Aerts (greatest comeback Ive seen in any sport)
Jerome Le Banner / Mark Hunt I, II and III
Buakaw Por Pramuk / Jomhod Kiatdisak (thats what I call Muay thai!)
Nogueira / Cro Cop
Wanderlei Silva / Rampage I + II
Anderson Silva / Rich Franklin
Cro Cop / Wanderlei II

All great battles, apart from Le Banner / Goodridge and Franklin / Silva, they were more beatings
10/12/07 11:09:20AM
You were rippin on me for posting the Goldberg comment and then you make a thread about the the Diaz / Lawler fight twice last night it was trying to get people off the Fedor Randy thing and you mentioned it cuz I posted on it.

Anyway I did go overboard with the Goldberg comment I got a little carried away I just thought it was funny.

Cabbage and Arlovski was crazy because Cabbage kept stalking Arlovski even when he was getting rocked.
10/12/07 11:58:57AM
I've always thought Pedro Rizzo vs Josh Barnnett was a great fight...
10/12/07 1:03:59PM
A lot of fights I love but on the top of my head. Hansen - Uno
Absolutely sick fight. I'd probably rather watch that fight 10 times than watch Griffin - Bonnar again.
10/12/07 1:57:18PM
Frankie Edgar vs Tyson Griffin
10/12/07 3:10:00PM
Noguera vs. Fedor 1 and 2 ( I am not counting the no-contest they had) were absolutely sick fights.

Silva - Rampage 1 and 2 were amazing also

I also loved the fight between Anderson Silva and Carlos Newton in Pride. That knee was just vicious.
10/12/07 6:08:29PM
i say frye vs takayama fight. frye pretty much gave takayama a mouse under his eye when they kept punchn each other back and forth.
10/12/07 7:02:29PM
fedor vs noguiera 1 and 3

crop vs noguiera

wanderlei vs cro cop

noguiera vs bob sapp

jerome lebanner vs peter aerts

10/13/07 1:04:54AM
Hughes-Trigg2 always gives me chills
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