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3/29/07 9:05:13AM
I have been thinking. Is there any really ranking system for women? its hard to find them on the fightfinder. But here are some who got some great records

Adrienna Jenkins 10-2

Kelly Kobald 14-0-1

Gina Carano 4-0

Amanda Buckner 9-4-1

Tara Larosa12-1

Jennifer Howe 13-2

Roxanne Modafferi 8-3

Laura D'Auguste 8-0-1

Marloes Coenen 11-1

Erin Toughill 7-2

Hitomi Akano 9-2

There a quite the few female fighters around. You dont often hear but i think we will see them fighting in bigger organizations in a few years.They already fight in KOTC, Hookn Shoot, Smackgirl, Shooto, MFC, IFC, Superbrawl, extreme challenge.

And then some bigger names to like Bodog, strikeforce and Elite XC.

When is the UFC gonna jump on this Bandwagon? OR all the drunk Pro wrestling fans gonna stop this?
3/29/07 10:37:51AM
I am not interested in women fighting. I don't find it entertaining at all.

Dana has said it many times that he is not interested in getting women in the UFC. People seem to forget that the UFC being mainstream is very very new (probably 2 years or less) and despite booming in popularity, it is still fragile.
3/29/07 10:47:27AM
I have only seen one female mma match, and it was only alright. I need to see more to really determine my sentiments on it. I really don't think there is a big U.S. market for it right now though.
3/29/07 1:12:18PM
I see female MMA in the same light as the WNBA. It may always be there but it will never really be in the spotlight. With that sentiment I doubt we will see it on the MMA mainstages of UFC any time soon.
3/29/07 3:38:47PM
Only Mark has time to create a post like this, and you say i make bad posts!! Well done Mark.
3/30/07 2:32:17PM

Posted by hathcock32

Only Mark has time to create a post like this, and you say i make bad posts!! Well done Mark.

Well i put a bit off effort. Instead of just saying "Get Rid of da Gulliotineeenart Choke" Notice how i exgaggerated the mispellings in this paragraph to to take notice that you watned to get rid of the sub and couldnt take the time to type its name right.
PS I am awesome
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Everyone on site except you = Awesome
You = No where near the coolness of my front step.

3/31/07 4:32:39PM
get along boyz

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4/4/07 9:04:47PM
Gina C. IMO is awsome.
7/15/08 4:13:08AM
Hottest- Gina

Best- Tara

but which is more important too you guys,

I kno what my answer is
7/15/08 9:00:45AM
You forgot Megumi Fujii. Shes 15-0.

She is the Fedor to the Randy that is Tara. Everyone knows about Tara because she is the best in the U.S. but in reality there is this undefeated beast from Japan who is unstoppable.
7/16/08 2:04:48AM
What about Debi Purcell and Hitomi Akano
7/16/08 6:44:56AM
Megumi Fujii
Yuka Tsuji

they are the 2 best p4p women fighters in the world

other notable fighters
Satoko Shinashi
Hisae Watanabe (retired supposably)
Ham Su Hee
and ofcourse my girl SACHI (she aint a great fighter, but she has alot of heart, and she's tough for a lil cutie)
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