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11/13/09 4:40:27PM

I just had to be the first to post
11/13/09 4:44:51PM
Actually, you're not the first to post it. Someone else attached it to their post either in the Spoilers forum or the Other Orgs forum.
11/13/09 4:57:12PM
Damn! Do with it what you will then.
11/13/09 5:38:56PM
thats awesome
11/13/09 9:56:16PM
Damn man!! I will say, this is the first time I have ever typed these words! WAR FEDOR!! Just not sure who in SF will give him a run for his money!!!????That GIF is great. Rogers was doing so well until that point, in covering up too!! Maybe thats why they call him " The Last Emperor!!!! He NEEDS to be in the UFC faceing he best of the best!!! Other than Overeem and a DRUG FREE!!! Barney the UFC has the best of the HW division in MMA right now.
11/14/09 8:38:23PM
I watched that fight in Standard defintion and missed that part. I knew Fedor hit hard but damn thats insane. Hope Rogers recovers he will be luck to ever fight agian after a injury like that!
11/14/09 8:40:03PM
12/29/10 1:56:21AM
Thats in slow motion.
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