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4/19/07 2:20:00AM
Okay so my friend just lent me his fight collection and OMFG he has every and i mean EVERY pride and ufc event ever as well as an ass load of k-1.I almost sharted when i saw it, ive started to burn some of them but i dont (cant) afford that many dvds so what should i burn.
4/19/07 2:39:50AM
whatever you feel are the best fights.
4/19/07 5:09:05AM
Pride Bushido 9.
Final Conflict 2003.
4/19/07 5:32:35AM
Most of the Prides after from Pride 12 and up are very good. As for UFCs, the ones from 8 up to the 20s are good, and then from 40 onward.
4/19/07 9:00:40AM
I too have every single Pride and UFC event ever. It makes me proud!
4/19/07 10:26:36AM
I really liked Bushido 8... Had some great fights in it...

Also Shokwave 2004 is a classic. Acctually any Shockwave event

As for UFC, I think that 49 was one of my favorties (if it's the one with the Josh Thompson / Yeves Edwards fight on it)...

I'd also suggest copying all of the Pride GP's that you can in their entierty, you won't be dissapointed.

If I were you I'd get all of the K-1 you can, I can't find any of those DVD's anywhere
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