Who has the best entrance song?

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8/29/07 2:42:26AM
Hey I was just wondering who you guys think has the best entrance song, me personally I like Matt Hughes song "A Country Boy Can Survive", I also liked Jeff Monson's when he fought Tim Sylvia. So what do you think.
8/29/07 2:52:52AM
I liked when Mirko walked into the pride theme, because well I love the pride theme. Fedor's is pretty sweet to.
8/29/07 3:34:33AM
i hate josh koscheck but i found his entrance pretty cool and all with his name in it
8/29/07 3:36:00AM
Check out Rampage's entrance then.
8/29/07 7:25:11AM
I like "Why can't we be friends" By War
8/29/07 8:23:02AM
Renato Sobral's is pretty good, and Mirko's "Wild Boy's" is just fun to see Mirko come out to it
8/29/07 9:47:09AM

Posted by thepunisher

I like "Why can't we be friends" By War

i see we have a simpsons fan here.
dokonjonosuke mishimas godzilla entrance song is my favorite by far
hon mention goes to wild boys(i grew up in the 80's a duran duran fan sad but true), and florians entrance against sherk.
8/29/07 10:17:18AM

Posted by ufc88

i hate josh koscheck but i found his entrance pretty cool and all with his name in it

So does Jens Pulver.........."They Call Me.....Lil' Evil......."
I like 'Country Boys Can Survive as well' but sometimes Hughes' arrogance gets on my nerves. I was glad when GSP ran through him.......
And for some reason, when Penn fought Jens, I liked that Hawaiian-type song he came out to....I don't know why though....
Rampage has his own song to, like dude posted above.
Somebody needs to play some Six Feet Under or something....It's really aggressive and gets you pumped up....I used to listen to them back in the day. Now it's hard and I feel like my Dad saying "that sh*t aint music." But it would be good intrance music.
There's a lot of good songs that fighters have used.
8/29/07 12:08:03PM
brandon vera has his own song when he comes out too, but i like mirko's wild boys, or when he made his debut with the pride theme song....I also liked forrest griffin's song when he fought in Belfast, Ireland.......and andy Hug's song, we will rock you........
8/29/07 12:25:21PM
Mirko's entrance to the Pride theme was bad ass, it's such an amazing piece of music.

As to who has the best entrance music, my vote goes out to anyone who doesn't come out to the generic choice of metal or rap. It doesn't look tough, just played out and cliched!

8/29/07 12:53:47PM
BJ Penns mix of "Hawaii 78" and "E ala E" against Pulver was the most amazing entrance of all time.

It was just so calm and soothing that you could tell Penn was in a good place and ready to rip through anyone in his way.
8/29/07 1:31:16PM
I like the song Liddell came out to when he fought Tito the first time. I'm not even sure who it is but it was a dope track to enter the octagon with. If anyone knows what that song is let me know.
8/29/07 1:49:25PM
Terry Martin, UFC 71.
He came out to Billie Jean by Michael Jackson to taunt his opponite. He called Ivan Salaverry "Billie Jean" several times in interviews and the press confrence because he thought that all Ivan did was dance around. Then he come out to Billie Jean and followed it up by smashing his face in. I am not a fan of the song, but how great is that.
8/29/07 2:01:07PM
Onward to Victory for Andrei Arlovski
8/29/07 2:31:48PM
i like matts, if he came out to a different song it just wouldnt feel right
8/29/07 3:51:45PM
I dont know why but i get goosebumps from BJ's UFC 63 entrance

Tito's from UFC 40 , i dont know why, reminds me of the old pro wrestling days i guess

Ed Herman's was badass when he came out to In the air tonight by phil collins, matt hughes' is cool, pretty much anything thats original. And the personalized rap songs all suck except rampage's
8/29/07 9:47:01PM
I started a thread for MMA music awhile back. I think most of the links are still good.
8/29/07 10:04:55PM
you gotta love Matt Serra coming out to the Rockie theme and then smoking GSP!!!!!
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