WHo has the best chance to pull an upset at 86

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POLL: Best chance for an upset at 86
Forrest 24% (13)
Marcus Aurelio 24% (13)
Gliesen Tibeu 20% (11)
Lytle 13% (7)
Cote (slight dog as of now) 16% (9)
grugel 4% (2)
7/1/08 10:58:56PM
7/1/08 11:03:19PM
Change your title to 86

Aurelio or Siver
7/1/08 11:15:28PM
i think Tibau will pull off the upset.....

Cote and Aurelio have a big chance of pulling out the upsets (although not much of an upsets, as everyone understands both are very close fights).....i see both this fights as 60/40 in their opponents favor.
7/2/08 12:01:01AM
tibau is a big underdog and has the chance to pull off the upset and i think he will along with marcus.

putting money on that!
7/2/08 12:03:34AM
siver all the way gullard has no take down defence and no sub defence
7/2/08 12:05:30AM
i already changed one fight to almeida over cote
i think i am set
7/2/08 1:49:46PM
I think the guy who has the best chance to pull an upset at ufc 86 is Marcus Aurelio

7/2/08 2:01:31PM
I think wager/odds wise, it's Tibau. He's no joke
7/2/08 2:05:36PM
I have to go with Marcus Aurelio. People just don't know.
7/2/08 2:08:32PM
I think 'maximus' could win, it just wouldn't be that much of a shock imo
7/2/08 3:02:47PM
Chris Lytle has a good chance at beating Koscheck , i think Chris will KO him i think that Josh thinks hes going to stand up with him and then he will get KO'd
7/2/08 4:01:36PM
I have got Tibau winning the decision and Aurelio pulling a sub.
I think Tibau is the bigger upset and Maximus is the more likely/capable upset.
7/2/08 7:10:28PM
I think Koscheck will be humiliated
7/3/08 4:33:50PM

Posted by tylerlee123

I think Koscheck will be humiliated

I could not agree with you more....
7/3/08 9:25:29PM
I couldn't disagree more. I think Koscheck will win a resounding unanimous decision.
7/3/08 11:50:44PM
I say Siver has the best, because anyone with sub skills has more than a 60% chance of beating Guillard. Other than that, I only see Cote, Gleison, and Lytle with a chance to upset.
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