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6/26/07 5:51:10AM
What does everyone think is the best ALL-AROUND card you've ever seen in PRIDE/UFC for a single event?
6/26/07 12:06:23PM
TUF 5 was really sweet... i dont think its the best card,cant make up my mind, but had all KO's and Subs... awesome..
6/26/07 12:14:24PM
pride 31 or 32, which ever one had gomi/diaz.. it may have not been the best card but the fights were great!
6/26/07 12:16:39PM

Posted by jdubs

pride 31 or 32, which ever one had gomi/diaz.. it may have not been the best card but the fights were great!

Pride 33
6/26/07 12:36:14PM
Pride 33 was phenomenal Sokoudjou knocking out lil nog, diaz dominating gomi, and a very sick wanderlei putting it all on the line against henderson, shogun beating overeem AGAIN those are just a couple i loved that card but i personally think that UFC 7 has potential to be the best card ever
6/26/07 12:42:42PM
I am truly hoping UFC 73 proves to be in the class of Pride 33 & UFC 7 when all is said and done.
6/26/07 1:28:51PM
Pride 33 is the most recent one that comes to mind.

I remember enjoying UFC 52 (Couture vs. Liddell 2) as well, lots of good fights, Hughes/Trigg 2 (the low blow and great comeback), St. Pierre beating up Mayhem Miller, Salaverry beating Riggs, Doerkson and Cote war. Hell maybe it was all the Canadians on the card that did it for me lol.
6/26/07 2:35:00PM
Bushido 9... hands down....

Even if you're only looking at the LW tourney:

Pulver / Sakurai
Gomi / Kawajiri
Hellboy / Yves
Azeredo / Kotani

Then Gomi / Azeredo & Mach / Hansen...

Plus there was the majority of the WW tourney as well...

If there was one show that I wish I could've been to, this would be the one...

Damn you Dana for cancelling this years GP
6/26/07 3:54:02PM
PRIDE 33 my favorite ! Tons of action, good one to show any newcomers to MMA
6/26/07 4:00:46PM
i think Tim Sylvia's bout at ufc 65 earns that the greatest card and personal match of all time( thats a joke before i get flamed i thought i shud clear that up)
6/26/07 4:13:25PM
Bushido 9 is hard to top. Pride 33 was deffinitly the last great card. Two that haven't been mentioned are Shockwave 2004 and Final Conflict 2005. UFC 73 and 74 both have the match ups and names to get in this discussion.
6/26/07 4:16:26PM
UFC 31, 52,- honorable mention to ultimate fighter finale 2
Pride Body Blow, and 33
6/26/07 4:16:39PM
I agree that Bushido 9 was one of the top MMA cards we have ever seen. The lightweight tournament alone made up some of the most competitive fights we have seen in years.
6/26/07 5:15:06PM
I'd have to agree with Bushido 9 and PRIDE 33 as being top cards. Another one that's high up in my books is UFC 34. Lots of great finishes in all departments... BJ Penn destroying Caol Uno is one of my favourite matches of all time, and while I didn't agree with the decision, the carlos newton/matt hughes situation is something that's just so unusual and rare that it's amazing to watch. Several of my favourite UFC fighters were on there with some nice sub and ko victories as well.
6/26/07 7:33:55PM
I'll definetely agree with bushido 9. That was great.
6/26/07 8:55:26PM
I think it is tough to name a single favorite event like that. So I'll name a few off the top of my head...

Pride Shockwave 2002/Dynamite
Pride 25
Pride Bushido 9
UFC 36
UFC 31
UFC 34
6/27/07 12:26:00AM
I would have to say Pride Final Conflict Absolute. I haven't been into the sport very long, but that is one of my favorites, and sticks out in my mind as being pretty good.
6/27/07 12:31:26AM
I really liked Shockwave 2006 and Pride 33.
6/27/07 12:55:36AM
Bushido 9, ufc 52, ufc 54 was pretty good to. BUT ufc 73, 74, and 75 look like their gonna be awesome to
6/27/07 5:38:55PM
final conflict 2005 was good.
6/27/07 5:40:31PM
Ultimate Brazil comes to mind...
6/27/07 5:47:38PM
final conflict 2003 was another one of my favs.
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