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1/29/07 6:34:27PM

Posted by Jeffanori-Gomi

Posted by hippysmacker

I think red Devil has the best fighter(Fedor), but I don't think anyone outside of maybe Suloev is top 10 IMO. Alek's hasn't been training with them for his last 3 fights, and I don't ssee him being in the top 10 again till he goes back to their team. As for Killer bee it's a similiar thing for me. They have KId Yamamoto , one of the best, but I wouldn't put anyone besides maybe KiKuchi in the top 10 in his weight class .I admit I don't have as much knowledge of their team, because It's harder to find Shooto DVD's and footage. Maybe one of you Killer Bee guys can enlighten me on some of thier other top fighters and where to find more good shooto footage.

You should search sherdog for the link with the young kids of Red Devils. This one kid is 17 and he KO's some dude in under a min. I swear he fights like fedor, plus the bodog team has some alright talent.

I admit I haven't seen the younger Red devil guys, or the Bodog guys. I'll search for them. Thanks
1/29/07 6:35:13PM
ya dude I will try and post a link!
1/30/07 3:38:48AM
Chute Boxe
Militech (even though i dont like any of their fighters)
Red Devil
2/21/07 4:14:56PM
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2/21/07 4:28:42PM

Posted by roadking95th

I don't know where they would rank, but you would have to give Team Quest the honor of "Biggest Balls!" Their boys are stepping up. Henderson, Lindland, and Couture. They could possibly win two out of three.

Henderson trains with Lindland every once in a while. Randy hasnt been there in over a year. Hendo said they havent talked for quite sometime
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