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POLL: best all around athlete
Micheal Jordan 26% (9)
Chuck Liddel 14% (5)
Deoin Sanders 14% (5)
Bo Jackson 40% (14)
Walter Payton 3% (1)
Gale Sayers 3% (1)
1/24/07 6:11:54PM
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1/24/07 11:34:17PM
Jordan. Think about it. A lot ot people always say so and so is the Micheal Jordan of "insert sport here".

Tiger Woods hits the scene and everyone is like he is the Micheal Jordan of golf. Some say Chuck Liddell is the Micheal Jordan of MMA, even though it's Fedor.
1/25/07 2:42:50AM

Posted by Kameleon

Jordan. Think about it. A lot ot people always say so and so is the Micheal Jordan of "insert sport here".

Tiger Woods hits the scene and everyone is like he is the Micheal Jordan of golf. Some say Chuck Liddell is the Micheal Jordan of MMA, even though it's Fedor.

They use Michael Jordan as a measuring stick to athletes because he was so dominant in one sport. He wasn't the best all around athlete. Just look at his baseball career.

I think out of the people you mentioned it has to be Bo Jackson. In 8 MLB seasons he hit at a .250 average, had 598 hits, and 141 home runs. Plus he won an All Star MVP.

Jackson won a Heisman trophy in college and after his MLB career he played a little over 3 years for the Raiders and would rush for 2,782 yards and 12 touchdowns as a backup to Marcus Allen.
1/26/07 2:47:23PM
i think there are other choices as well, better ones than the ones listed, but i picked Bo for obvious reasons.

I know there is a canadian olympian (Clara Hughes), who competes in both long track speed skating and cycling. She has won 2 bronze medals in cycling (1996 olympics, 2 seperate events), was again on the canadian olympic team for the 2000 olympics (cycling), won a bronze medal in long track speedskating in 2002 at salt lake, and won a silver and a gold medal at the 2006 olympics in turin. Two entirely different disciplines, over a 10 year period, and consistently elite level.

Also have read about an american olympian who won a medal in Turin in (moguls i think) and he also plays college football...and at the time of the article, was being talked about for the NFL draft. Again, two entirely different sports and an elite level for both.

There are probably other dual sport elite athletes such as these, but since the sports are not nfl/nba/mlb/nhl they just dont receive the recognition of a Bo Jackson or Deon Sanders.
1/27/07 3:28:14AM
Dave Winfeild , Kirk Gibson(football, baseball), Tony Gwynn(baseball, basketball), and many others were all 2 sport stars and even drafted in other sports.. Winfield was 3(baseball, basketball, football) and stated he chose baseball because it was the most money and the least work. A lot of guys over the years probably had the ability to be great in sports other than the ones they are famous for. This year Jeff Smardzia from Notre dame chose baseball( and a guarenteed 10 million) over football. He would have been a 1rst round pick for sure, probably top 20 overall. From what I've seen if Bo Jackson had never been hurt he probably would have been a Hall-of-Famer in baseball or football(definately football). I've never seen another 230 lb. running back run a documented 4.19 forty.
1/27/07 9:24:45AM
dan o'brien.
1/27/07 6:58:35PM

Posted by JSN

dan o'brien.

I hope your kidding. I lost money on him on the olympics, at least I didn't lose as much as NIKE with whole Dan n Nave campaign.
1/28/07 1:54:53AM
1/28/07 9:07:27PM
Roger Federer dominates his sport like no other
1/29/07 6:10:09AM
1/31/07 12:36:04PM
Mj could be a superstar in many sports.
1/31/07 1:49:27PM
Bo wins your poll, but for overall, I would go with Jim Thorpe.

College Football Hall of Fame - 1951

. Charter Enshrinee in the Pro Football Hall of Fame - 1963

.Thorpe served as the first president of what is now the National Football League

. All-America - 1911, 1912

. Olympic Decathlon and Pentathlon Champion - 1912

. AP Most Outstanding Athlete of the First Half of the 20th Century - 1950

. "America's Greatest Football Player of the half-century" - 1950

. ABC's Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Century - 2001

. Track and Field Hall of Fame

. From 1996-2001, he was continuously awarded ABC's Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Century award

On July 7, he won the Olympic pentathlon. The next day, he finished tied for fourth in the high jump and on July 13, he came in seventh in the long jump. Then came the decathlon, and Thorpe set a world record with 8,412 points. The standard Thorpe set was so high that, if he had duplicated his marks 36 years later, they would have held up well enough to win a silver medal.

In 1916 his football team, the Canton Bulldogs, won their first of three unofficial national championships.

One of the best sports qoute's of all time. When Jim Thorpe won gold medals in the pentathlon and the decathlon in the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, King Gustav V said "You, sir, are the greatest athlete in the world. I would consider it an honor to shake your hand." Jim's reply "Thanks, King."

He also excelled in such diverse sports as basketball, boxing, lacrosse, swimming, and hockey.

Thorpe played six years of professional baseball as an outfielder for the New York Giants, the Cincinnati Reds and the Boston Braves.

I know the post is way long, but the man was unbelievable. It is amazing how many people do not think or know of him when talking about the greatest athlete.

Look the guy up.

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2/17/07 11:08:44PM
michael jordan no doubt look at all hes done, mvps, championships, game winning shots, his attitude, his legacy all hes done for the sport.
2/17/07 11:38:37PM
Paul Reubens AKA Pee Wee Herman

Free Willy
2/20/07 8:55:57AM
Ross Pointon mon! ya know what i mean?
2/20/07 2:29:45PM
kareem abdul jabbar

martial arts.

2/20/07 4:04:22PM
from that list i had to go with Bo...
2/21/07 10:00:46PM
A guy who is not on the poll is one Lance Armstrong. Best athlete in the world.
2/21/07 10:47:27PM
How is Chuck a All around Athlete? Did he compete in anything out side of Martial Arts? His belly certainly doesnt seem fighting for the #1 Ranked LHW fighter in the world. Yes Liddell was a notable Wrestler and Kenpo black belt. But isnt that just what makes him great at MMA not something besides it?

I went with MJ just cuz he is sick. And he played baseball in Space Jam
2/21/07 11:54:45PM
Apparently, nobody has heard of nor looked Jim Thorpe! Who could possibly be better?
2/22/07 12:20:48AM
Jim McMahon...chicago bears
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