UFC 82 Could be the best UFC ever?

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1/26/08 3:24:44PM
On March 1st, UFC 82 could go down in history as the best UFC ever, and her's why:

Anderson Silva vs. Dan Handerson
(I can't even make a prediction of whos gunna win that fight, all i know is someone is gunna get KO'd)

Keick Kongo vs. Heath Herring
(Very well could be one of the best striking match-ups ever)

Luke Cummo vs. Luigi Fiovaranti
(Very good match-up between two of the best well rounded athletes in mma)

And the return of Andrei Arlovski(Finally), Josh Koscheck(Bout Time), Jon Fitch(Excited), Diego Sanchez(Excited), and one of my favourite fighters Evan Tanner(FINALLY) and his fight with Yushin Okami could go down as a great fight.

I really think that this UFC could very well be the best UFC ever.
1/26/08 3:34:02PM
it depends if it lives of to its hype, it very well may be a snooze fest, with guys like fitch, sanchez, koscheck, okami, and both kongo and herring not being able to finish their fights, they all have the ability to be great war, but can also be boring ike herring constantly taking kongo down and LnP is way to victory, same can be possible with Koscheck, okami, fitch, and sanchez...........on paper its certantly one of the most stacked cards, even so having someone like koscheck on the undercard, but its wether or not it lives up to its hype that will determine if one of the best ever
1/26/08 3:59:13PM
On paper it does look like a great card. We wont know about it being one of the best until after the night is over, but I am expecting it to be a great UFC card no doubt. I think it looks like the best matchups from top to bottom over the past few pay per view events.

There probably will be a few snooze fests but hopefully not more than 2 or 3 which should still make it solid.

Can't wait for the UFC to come back to Ohio for the 3rd time in the past year!!!!!
1/26/08 4:11:45PM
i think this card is hands down worth it for the HEnderson/silva fight ive waited so long for that im also very very happy to see evan t back i always liked him a lot hes a exciting guy imo.nothing agains yushin but i dont see him winng.
as far as the other fights go im glad to see alot of guys back buti think alot of them will pull a AA vs Werdum. but i hope not. one thing for sure tho hendo has a lot on the line with this fight and so does anderson. so they will not disapoint.
1/26/08 5:38:12PM
i think its going be a good one, i hope i het 90 points on it lol
1/26/08 6:35:02PM
hell yes thise event looks super stacked, acourse any event could be snooze fest but i dont think so its hard to be snooze fest when same many big name an fan favorites an the match ups, i m pissed was suspose to go to even with friends didn't have the cash right then for ticket so wasn't able to get a ticket with em
1/26/08 6:44:13PM

Posted by Violentcuv

On paper it does look like a great card. :

Then again, so was the "Stacked" event.

I have high hopes for UFC 82, but I don't expect every fight to be amazing. If 7/9 fights are good, then I am really happy.

If 3 or 4 fights are good, then I don't complain.

Less than 3, I complain.
1/26/08 8:25:11PM
silva/hendo, fioravanti/cummo, arlovski/o'brian, kongo/herring, fitch/wilson, sanchez/bielk, tanner/okami, koscheck/hazelett

looks like a dam good card to me

hopefully.. silva, luigi, arlovski, fitch, kos, and tanner win
1/27/08 2:33:38AM
ufc 74
1/27/08 9:33:42AM
I don't think its the best ufc ever but it definately makes me double check my picks for the event alot of talent at this one.
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