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6/30/07 6:41:29AM
I can't believe Jerome Le Banner hasn't received more credits on this list!
6/30/07 8:14:26AM
Rampage vs Arona
6/30/07 2:34:03PM
My fav. is when Rich knockedout Nate. He was stiff as a 16 year old taking Viagra.
7/1/07 10:03:46AM
Igor Vovchanchyn and Francisco Bueno. Bueno is, out on his feet! And then Igor stuck a couple of cheeky ones on him as he collapsed!
7/2/07 1:34:52PM
Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz the first fight that got to be one of the best knockouts ever and also other chuck liddell knockouts are really good too.
7/2/07 4:42:54PM
Rich Franklin vs Nate Quarry was another good knockout
7/4/07 6:12:39PM
Gonzaga on Cro Cop was amazing
7/5/07 4:05:11AM

Tank vs Nelmark

Tito wasnt a knock out it was just stopped he was never out really neither takin
Ortiz over Tanner
Goodridge over herrea
Rizzo over Andrei
Liddell over Couture 2 and 3
Wanderlei over Rampage
Henderson over Wanderlei
and thats off the top the dome i kow i left lot out though.
7/8/07 3:03:48AM
Best KO's ever, but maybe not in this exact order: Tank vs. Matua, Rashaad vs. Sean Salmon, Mirko vs. Wanderlei, and Gonzaga vs. Mirko...I know theres a couple of more I'm just not thinkin about...
7/9/07 7:01:44PM
Gonzaga vs Cro Cop
Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler
Belfort vs Silva
Tank vs. Nelmark Ouchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Cro Cop vs Alexsander Emelianenko

Those were some.
Ortiz vs tanner was brutal.
7/10/07 11:42:10AM

Posted by BrAeDeN91

gary goodrich vs paul herrera
cro cop vs wanderlei silva
melvin guillard vs rick davis

Cro Cop vs. Wanderlei, not at all, that was not that bad of a knockout, ive seen way worse.
7/11/07 1:18:17PM
rashad evens sean salmon salmon was out for over 30 minutes
7/12/07 6:19:08PM
chuck liddell vs. guy mezger
7/12/07 7:31:38PM
What about Anerson Silva vs Rich Franklin
After the fight Franklins nose was under his eye plus rich looked unbeatable at 185 in the UFC
Now they are giving the rematch to Rich in his Hometown WTF
< --Franklins head against Silvas knees
7/12/07 7:34:14PM
Oct 20, 2007 R.I.P Rich Franklin
7/13/07 8:01:34PM
ya fisher vs wiman not high profiled fight but awesome flying knee
7/14/07 4:52:34AM
pete sell v.s. scott smith

hands down

7/15/07 12:29:43AM
gray mannered vs himself
7/16/07 2:31:52AM
Anderson silva on Yushin Okamin...hahaha
7/17/07 6:11:30PM
franklin vs. quarry.
that fool stood straight up then fell on his ass ...hahaha
7/18/07 10:18:31PM
When Diaz KO'ed Lawyer, that was SHOCKING.

Tokigomi let Diaz hit him over and over, and Diaz really wasn't doing any damage....

Rampage vs Arona was awesome, but Arona KO'ed Rampage first which is why I say it's a classic in my book.
7/20/07 1:59:00PM
chuck on babalo is one of may favorites
7/20/07 3:41:17PM
good thread...

Gomi v Azeredo- bushido 7
Hansen v Imanari- bushido 8
Sakurai v Alfonso- bushido 11
Sakuraba v Wanderlei 3- total elimination '03
Wanderlei v Rampage 2- Pride.28
Frye v Le Banner- Shockwave '02 (i know it was a K1 rules match but still...)
Taiei Kin v Tokimitsu Ishizawa- K-1 2006 Dynamite(MMA rules match)
Royler Gracie v "Kid" Yamamoto- K-1 Heros 3

Ive got about a dozen more....but these were the first to come to mind.
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7/22/07 1:49:19PM
Anything with Tank.
7/23/07 7:02:29PM
A lot comes to mind, the scariest was Tank Abbot in one of the early raw UFC's against some somoan beefy guy, and Tank knocked him out on his feet and punched the guy after the ref was stopping it on the way down, he fell and his arm froze up for a long time, maybe a few minutes, I thought he might be not getting up, finally they took him off on a strecher. Another fight is Rich Franklin against Nate Quarry for similar reason, Rameu Thierry KO's of Ricardo Arona is left with people having their mouth open, and what Anderson Silva did to Rich Franklin was so dominant and brutul I don't really like Franklin's chances in the rematch. Andrei Arlovski did not KO's Tim Sylvia the first time he fought him, he beat him with an armbar but seeing that punch and him getting rocked was awesome, but to me the alltime greatest Knockout, visually stunning and always fun to watch, for sure is dam da da da

Vitor Belfort ripping apart Vanderlei Silva in a way I have never seen in an MMA fight. Beautiful, fo sho.
7/24/07 4:39:57AM
7/24/07 1:34:32PM
AA beat Tim by heel hook.
7/24/07 6:53:40PM

Posted by greshamfighter

tank abbot vs steve nelmark or gary goodridge oleg taktarov

nelmark, damn. pretty good. I just bought pride ko dvd so this is hard, oh and ufc iltimate ko's 4.

yvel on goodrige
diaz on lawler
every cro cop HIGH KICKAAAAA!!!
i like the herring kiss KO too

too many to name or think about
7/24/07 10:39:42PM

Posted by hippysmacker

Tank vs Nelmark
Rizzo vs Arlovski
Tank vs Matua
Rizzo vs Barnett
Liddell vs Randy 2
Cro-cop vs Igor
Co-cop vs Aleks
Randleman vs Cro-cop
Franklin vs Quarry
Wandy vs Rampage 2
Smith vs Sell
Rashad vs Salmon
Sylvia vs Tellegman
Wandy vs Sakuraba
Liddell vs Tito 1
Cro-cop vs Wandy
Rampage vs Arona
Aleks vs Morais
Fedor vs Zulu
that's all I've fot off the top of my head

Aren't some of these TKO's?

My picks are Diaz vs. Lawyer (cuz Lawyer was punched right on the button, but fell FORWARD) and the imfamous Rampage Jackson powerbomb slam! I can't remember who he did it to off the top of my head though...
7/24/07 11:49:39PM
possibly shogun over rampage
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