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6/5/07 9:09:55AM

Posted by wagere

what about gonzaga cro cop

my number 1. Wow...just wow.
6/5/07 11:16:59AM
The K.O. from K-1 that you are talking about is peter Aerts Kicking some Giant in the face. That was the most Hilarious knockout...besides Luke Cummo knocking out Josh Hanes
6/8/07 10:30:01AM
some of my favorites are
Cro cop vs. Gonzaga
Liddell vs. Babalu 1
Cro Cop vs. Aleksander Emilianko
Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler
Cro Cop vs. Dos caras Jr.
Hughes vs. Newton
GSP vs. Hughes II
Liddell vs. White
Sell vs. Smith
Sokoudjou vs. Arona
6/8/07 10:41:15AM
Has anyone mentioned A. Silva/ Fryklund yet?

vid link

for origionality!
6/8/07 4:07:18PM
I would say Rich Franklin vs Nate Quarry at UFC 56. poor nate.
6/8/07 4:57:28PM
Your an ass for bring that up dude! lol j/p
6/8/07 6:13:09PM
Sokoudjou/Nog, Wand/Hendo, Gonzaga/Crocop, Fisher/Wiman, and it goes on...
6/10/07 2:07:21PM
There's a lot of great KO's in my mind,but Goodridge vs Herrera in UFC 8 is my number one,that was the best and the most brutal KO I've ever seen,poor Herrera.

6/10/07 11:18:06PM
I still think Vitor belfort Vs. Wanderlei Silva
6/14/07 8:57:50PM
Cro Crop vs Gonzaga... man did Cro Crop eat that one to the skull... I almost got sick to my stomach... lmao Probably because I wanted Cro Crop to win SO BAD!!
6/17/07 1:03:38PM
I know its boxing, but I'd have to say Bowe vs. Golota #2. Technically it was a DQ in favor for Bowe, but Golota made him pass out from pain due to repetitive uppercuts to the boys down below.
6/18/07 7:46:52PM
I liked when Mirko KO'd Bob Sapp. The quick left, then the little step back and lay down then cryyyy. hahaha
6/19/07 12:35:32AM
aleksander vs morais would have to be my favourite. Hellboy also had a pretty sick knee against Imanari... it sounded like someone getting hit with a baseball bat when it connected.
6/19/07 1:14:27AM
actually my vote for the greatest KO ever is Heath Herring vs Yoshihiro Nakao. LOL!
6/20/07 9:44:55PM
Rizzo vs Arlovski
Tank vs Matua
Rizzo vs Barnett
Liddell vs Randy 2
Cro-cop vs Igor
6/22/07 12:23:39AM
I must say Heath Herring vs. Nakao

That has to be the best.
6/22/07 6:33:59PM
mine has to be miko cro cop vs alaksander emeleinenko the head kick was deadly and the hammer fists after words were even worse.
6/24/07 1:57:28AM
i'd say gonzaga over crocop. that was brutal how he landed.
6/24/07 10:43:44AM
i believe that one of the best knockouts ever was

cro cop vs wandy
diaz vs lawler
rampage vs liddell 2
6/24/07 10:55:50AM
Spencer King Fisher VS Matt Wiman should get a honorable mention. Wiman ate a nasty flying Knee. Don't forget about Rampage's slam KO.
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6/24/07 1:55:29PM
Brendon vera vs justin eilers
6/26/07 7:46:59PM
Rashad evans leg kick to sean salmon was real good.
6/26/07 9:54:12PM
GG's head kick to Cro-Cop.
6/27/07 2:21:28AM
I know it was just a few fights back but gonzaga on cro cop with his leg bent back almost made me ill. Dan Henderson wandy was bad a good one too. Maxim did a best pride ko's here is the link
6/27/07 6:46:10PM
kid vs that other dude 4 seconds into rd 1 flying knee
bam over
6/27/07 8:37:13PM
Anderson Silva vs. Tony frykland, that was the sickest standing elbow ive ever seen.
6/27/07 11:06:57PM
Gonzaga VS CroCop..... the underdog baby////
6/27/07 11:55:04PM
Cro Cop KOing Yoshida via leg kicks. I don't think it was the best KO in the history of mma, but man was that hilarious.
6/28/07 12:58:04PM
Rampage vs Arona, sickening but awesome at the same time...
6/28/07 1:29:21PM
Fisher VS Wiman, Prime example why not to show emotion in the cage.
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