Who has the best KO's?

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POLL: Best KO's?
Shogun 3% (1)
Wanderlei Silva 24% (7)
Chuck Liddell 34% (10)
Anderson Silva 34% (10)
Andrei Arlovski 3% (1)
11/11/07 9:34:59PM
Out of these fighters who has the best KO's? And if there's any I fogot to mention put them down.
11/11/07 9:44:50PM
Anderson silva!!!!!
11/11/07 9:52:57PM
Anderson Silva for the style !!!

a clinic of precision with his punchs and his knees is always impressive to see !!!

11/11/07 9:59:15PM
Wtf....Cro Cop?
11/11/07 10:05:31PM
Anderson or Cro Cop!!!

Chucks are just flurries of sloppy looking looping counterpunches....

Cro Cop's head kicks just leave you with your jaw down to the floor!!!!

Andersons knees just make you want to pray for his opponent and his family..

CC or Anderson!!!

Wandy should also be on that list. He's probably the most exciting fighters in MMA because all of his fights are bar brawls and they end in exciting KO fashion!!!
11/11/07 10:05:32PM
Cro-cop , Chuck,Anderson, , and Wandy have the best volume of highlght Ko's I can think of right now. As for what are my favorite though, I like early Tank KO's the best . The Nelmark and Matua Ko's were brutal. 2nd team goes to goes to old school Rizzo. His KO's of AA and Barnett were beautiful. Honorable mention for Igor.
11/11/07 10:48:06PM
i love to watch Diaz KO robbie i think that one was great to
11/11/07 10:59:17PM

Posted by cmill21

Wtf....Cro Cop?

Who's KO's do you see in every highlight reel
11/11/07 11:03:22PM
Anderson Silva overall, but you can't forget that Rich Franklin KO of Nate Quarry at UFC 56. If we're talking individual KO's, that has to be high on the list. It's interesting, then, that Silva KO'd Ace twice, no?
11/11/07 11:30:56PM
Aleks E. The way his hands are low and then WHAP WHAP! I love it. But from your list, Anderson
11/12/07 12:27:15AM
cro cop, maybe gomi?
11/12/07 1:33:45AM
CC from the legs
Rizzo from the hands
11/12/07 1:49:34AM
Cro Cop, Wandy, and Anderson have some amazing KO's
11/12/07 2:03:15AM
Cro Cop has one less win by KO then Randy has wins period and 11 more in K-1 how the hell do you leave him out of the poll?
11/12/07 3:47:10AM
11/12/07 8:32:38AM
Jerome Le Banner or Peter Aerts.

Jerome - 34 KOs / 10 TKOs

Aerts - 42 KOs / 20 TKOs

In K-1 too, which makes it even harder to score KOs, making these records even more impressive.
11/12/07 12:29:37PM

Posted by cmill21

Wtf....Cro Cop?

I know!!!!
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