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POLL: Who should have won
Hopkins 93% (13)
Wright 7% (1)
8/3/07 1:37:38PM
Who do you think won the fight?

I do think Hopkins won.
8/3/07 2:35:32PM
Hopkins won but i thought it was a bit closer than the judges had it.Winky wasnt really himself in the fight if there was a rematch i think he would win but it wont happen.
8/3/07 3:52:58PM
The way he won is indicative of a distinct natural advantage against winky wrights style IMO. The way he smothered him and beat the hell out of him in the clinch. Winkys defense didnt have an answer for it.
8/4/07 3:47:09PM
B-Hops da shit, my fav...

It was mad close, real action packed more then people thoguht, a hell of a fight...

I thoguht it was way closer then the judge scored it...I will give WW props for not getting KO'd because that gash threw him off his game all night and I'm suprise Hopkins didn't attack that more and get the TKO due to the cut...
12/19/07 12:12:54AM
winky is a beast, but i have learned never bet against bernard, it will only hurt your feelings and your bankroll
12/19/07 4:04:48PM
If I remember correctly, I scored it 9-3 or even 10-2 Hopkins, but I thought that there were about 10 rounds that were up for grabs, with Hopkins winning most of them by slight margins.

It was almost their style of defense that made a difference. Niether guy could land anything cleanly, but Hopkins moves his body out of the way or catches punches with his gloves. Winky Wright tends to stay stationary and catch with his forearms and his shoulders. It's a pretty slight difference, but I scored a punch to the shoulder more than a punch that hits only air and gave a lot of rounds to Hopkins on that basis.
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