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11/9/07 2:47:54PM
Legendary Boxer Bernard Hopkins, who also doubles as a promoter for Golden Boy Promotions, had some kind words for the UFC in the course of promoting a fight between Shane Mosely and Miguel Cotto according to
"I will say thanks to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) that boxing now has to step up and make the matches that interest people," he said.

Hopkins has gone on record recently about his opinion that the UFC has pushed boxing to make better matches.

"Boxing is back like the 1980s, with the (Marvin) Haglers and the (Sugar) Ray Leonards," Hopkins said. "Now the talent is going head to head with other champions."

11/9/07 3:29:01PM
maybe he keeps to thank MMA because ive seen a lot of good fight and th UFC is not the only one out there that has great fighters
11/9/07 3:58:27PM
Makes sense.
11/9/07 4:00:24PM
Hallelujah! It's about time someone in the boxing community woke up and smelled the coffee. Boxing needs more unification bouts as it ridiculous to have 3-4 champions in a given division. On that note, as MMA continues to expand, this is also something that the UFC is going to have to consider and eventually relent to cross-promotional events. UFC's current practice of exclusivity is the same as if only boxers from Golden Boy Promotions fought others in GBP and I dont feel it can last but a few more years max. No question that UFC is the Top Dog right now, but if other organizations began seriously cross-promoting for an Undisputed Champion, they could squeeze UFC out little by little.

11/9/07 6:31:36PM
I don't think that boxing will make a comeback. Ever. MMA is here to stay, and if it does get weeded out, I still won't watch boxing. It's just too damn boring. I don't want to see 12 3-minute rounds where the guys only throw 5 effective punches per round, sometimes less than that. I don't want to see two guys laying on each other to rest, even though they haven't really done anything.

MMA is much more exciting. Not only do you get more interesting standup, but you also get the ground game. You get to learn a lot more as a fan, as most of the announcers are good educators (Joe Rogan). In boxing, they just say "Oh, look at that combo. He's a really fast fighter." I didin't learn about feints until I started watching MMA, and I really didn't know what they were until Randy Couture beat Tim Sylvia. After seeing that fight, I've tried to watch boxing (where they feint all the time), but I think that Randy does it better. Plain and simple, these guys care more.

Why do they care more? Because half of their payday depends on winning. Boxers get their money from PPV buys or a portion of the gate. If money depends on winning (or even giving a good show), then you're going to win.
11/9/07 7:11:06PM
11/9/07 11:08:01PM
I really like Bernard.

I also think that of all title holder boxers in the past 10 years that Hopkins would have done the best at MMA.
Obviously he is way too old now to get into the sport, but he is one of the few that could have been. He is a tough dude who can brawl and scramble as well as have one of the most disciplined standup games I have ever seen.
He gets booed a lot for making boring fights (and mostly deserved), but the guy just does not make mistakes.