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7/19/07 7:14:00AM
the reason i started watching boxing, just quit recently.

thanks for the good times mr.gatti
7/20/07 12:57:52PM
it dont matter b-hop is just mad cause hes gonna get beat down by winky wright tommorrow night
7/20/07 1:55:42PM

Posted by fullerene

Boxers are no worse than dojo masters who claim they can't enter the UFC becasue their techniques are too lethal to be used in a sporting event...or bodybuilders who say "there's no way that skinny guy could beat me"...or wrestlers with no MMA experience who say they could beat Ernesto Hoost becasue they would just take him down right away.

All of these guys have worked very hard at very demanding sports and the people around them are constantly blowing them up as to how tough they are. And they ARE tough. Bernard Hopkins in particular is about as hard a dude as you can find. They are showing disprespect to MMA partially in a response to the disrespect that MMA shows to them. Just becasue a boxer would lose in an open rules fight doesn't mean that boxing isn't just as demanding as MMA or any other sport. When people don't give his sport credit, a guy like Hopkins--who's paranoid as hell anywyas--is naturally going to give the reaction you hear there.

One thing that should make him feel better is that he gets paid about 20x the amount of the headliners for the UFC for his fights at this stage of his career. Doesn't provide a lot of incentive to challenge Matt Serra, huh?

Boxer are worse than those guys because you don't see dojo masters and wrestlers in major sports publications speaking about mma in a derogatory way when they have little to no knowledge of the sport. Besides, I bet there are very few dojo masters and wrestlers who are familiar with MMA who would say that they could defeat an MMA master in sport competition.

And next, show me one article where MMA atheletes and others involved with the sport have bashed boxing in any way? Why would an MMA athlete bash a sport that holds an integral part in their own? That doesn't make sense to me. Until Mayweather started talking shit about MMA, there was little to no controversy surrounding this issue, and then, all of a sudden all of these damn writers and boxing promoters started showing how ignorant they are. MMA promoters and fighters have been incredibly gracious in their responses and have publically stated they would fight any boxer, yet nothing has come to fruitation.
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