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5/10/11 11:25:39PM
A pivotal lightweight contest pitting Jim Miller against Benson Henderson is being targeted for UFC Live 5.

The news was first reported by the Asbury Park Press on Tuesday; UFC officials confirmed the booking shortly thereafter. Going down Aug. 14 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, UFC Live 5 is also expected to feature a light heavyweight confrontation between Stephan Bonnar and Karlos Vemola, as well as a welterweight scrap pitting Duane Ludwig against Amir Sadollah. The event will air live on cable network Versus.

5/10/11 11:28:10PM
So stoked for this fight.

I like MIller because he always finds a way to win but Henderson's gonna be his toughest opponent since Maynard, and certainly his most tenacious opponent so far. Wouldn't be overly shocked if Henderson pulls it out, and I'd love to see these guys go 5 rounds (if there's no stoppage at the end of 3).
5/10/11 11:29:43PM
I don't know if I should be very disappointed or very excited. I like both of these guys and I'd hate to see one of them lose.

BUT.. If I'm forced to choose, then I'm going with my boy J Miller by domination.

5/10/11 11:53:06PM
Very close fight, but got to stick with Miller. 29-28 UD.
5/10/11 11:53:51PM

Sorry for the Capslock yelling guys. Very amped!

I was waiting for my boy Miller to get something going. And what a fight they picked! Miller has been taking on all comers, non-stop! Jim and Dan are ballsy, ballsy dudes! Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I am pretty bummed, like FastKnockout, that Bendo is his opponent. I really, really like "Smooth", and I personally was very impressed with his UFC debut. He seems like a great guy! Great personality, great skills, and damn near impossible to finish. I really wanted him to close out the WEC as the last Lightweight champ.

I am really sad someone has to lose this fight!
5/11/11 12:00:15AM
Wow, unreal fight. Bendo looked good against Bocek and Miller is a beast. I'm going to pick Miller by decision. Should be a hell of a fight.
5/11/11 12:10:29AM
This is an awesome matchup... hope it happens
5/11/11 12:21:46AM
Jim Miller is finally getting a stoppage imo.
5/11/11 12:24:00AM
Bendo by split decision.....CAN I GET AN AMEN??!!!!
5/11/11 12:29:58AM

Posted by Cooler

Jim Miller is finally getting a stoppage imo.

He just tapped an excellent ground specialist who was an undefeated prospect in under 2 minutes and most recently he tko'd another undefeated guy.
5/11/11 12:34:11AM
my bad, i completely forgot his last two fights
5/11/11 1:51:34AM
i like it, and i dislike it......
mainly cuz of what just happened with Edgar/Maynard.

we're talking about 2 of the TOP 3 lightweight prospects in the UFC now, (Pettis got screwed IMO, I think Pettis is the better FIGHTER, but that doesn't necessarily mean he is going to beat Guida). And if any of these 3 lose their next fight (especially Pettis), that puts them back down the ladder for at least 2 to 3 fights. i know this may not make sense, but I don't want another situation where they pick contenders just off of who is available to fight at the time,make sure they are without a doubt the best few the champ can face in a row. for example, even if miller beats bendo, and then say frankie beats miller, there is no way bendo will get the fight if he hasn't won at least a few fights since.....

just to avoid serious flaming, where i started that arguement is not where i finished it...

i guess i'm just like everyone else in the sense that i don't want either to lose so i can see them fight for the belt
5/11/11 3:26:55AM
The more i think about it, i really like this. If miller wins he has 2 get a title shot next. If ben gets the upset he could b one win way from getting a shot at the strap. I will probably pick miller by UD, but i am pulling for bendo big time.

5/11/11 8:14:04AM
**** just got real!
5/11/11 10:55:12AM

Posted by DeadHead988

**** just got real!

Pettis/Guida and Henderson/Miller are going to say some very revealing things about the WEC. Personally, I'm picking against both Pettis and Henderson, but I'm rooting for Pettis without question.
5/11/11 10:58:01AM
The miller boys are gamers!!!

Said thing is if miller wins he still has to wait till pettis fights winner
Its a shame. Miller may have to take another fight after this.
5/11/11 11:56:04AM
Nice fight. cant wait to see this one. I really like both guys. Miller is an awsome LW and ive really taken a liking to Ben lately, im gonna have to go with Miller by Dec. in what should be a great war.
5/11/11 12:07:39PM
this is in milwaukee too..def go to it..cant miss it...
5/11/11 12:50:25PM
pivotal for whom?
Miller should fight the winner of clay pettis. The only reason Pettis is in the convo, is he took (some think stole) i think pettis won a close one)) ...the wec belt. Bendo should have atleast 2 more UFC fights before getting Miller, who really deserves the next shot, or a solid number 1 contender fight-Melvin, George Sot, Siver, Dunham, each has a loss but have had more ufc fights to be first in line imo.
I think Miller has earned his shot by taking out everyone except for Grey, and his striking is better now, so he may be able to beat Grey now, more so than when they fought.
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