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4/24/10 8:50:03AM
How would Benson fair in the UFC. I think he could be top 5. In my honest opinion I think he would beat Guida, Griffen, Gomi, and even Edgar. I think he has a damn good shot at a decision againt KenFlo (not sure if I'd pick him in a 5rounder though). I think Maynard might be a littloe big for him, but Benson may be the better wrestler...

Penn likes to submit guys, but Benson may be unsubmittable...and I don't think he'd be getting taken down.

I don't know, but I think 2nite will answer alot of questions.

BTW: If he beats Cerrone, should he be called up. I mean, he's beaten the 1-4 contenders already in Cerrone, Varner, NJoukani, and Roller. Perhaps anothe re-match with Varner...but after that
4/24/10 10:50:37AM
I think Benson Henderson would have a lot of trouble on the feet in the UFC. Fighters like Florian and Edgar would absolutely tool Ben, and I am don't think he would ever be able to get inside and get the fight to the ground. He would also have trouble with fighters who are better wrestlers than he is, a la Maynard and Sherk.

Out of the big 3 at LW in the WEC, I'd give him the least chance of success in a move to the UFC right now.

That said, Benson hasn't been training near as long as the other two and probably has more room to grow into a top LW. He definitely has a winning mentality and is gifted physically.
4/24/10 12:47:09PM
Im not sure what to think of Benson at this point, I thought he lost against Cerrone the first time (although I think he will actually win this time).

As of right now, it depends on the matchups, he still needs to work on his standup, and with the LW division full of parity, he's had wars against Cerrone (who IMO is about top 30ish right now), sort of came from behind to defeat Varner who IMO has a top 15 skillset but poor cardio.

Honestly, I think he would have tough battles with Thiago Tavares, Joe Lauzon, Tibau, and Guida, Dos Anjos, Guida, Pellegrino, etc... even though I think all of those matchups are exciting, I think most of those fights can go 50/50 (and I would probably pick against Benson for the majority of them).

Him having wars with Cerrone, while exciting, doesnt really mean he would be a top 5 fighter.

Does he belong in the UFC? Absolutely, how would his tenure in the UFC go.. well depends on the matchups.. I think he wins more than he loses, but it depends on the matchups. If he is having tough fights against Top 30 opposition, I dont know if he would be a top 5 fighter (although some of that can attribute to the parity in the LW division).
4/24/10 1:35:28PM
I am not completely sold on the guy either yet, but all we can do is hope and pray the the UFC absorbs the WEC so that we can find out the answers to questions like this! I am also wondering how the rest of the world will take to the 45lbs and 35lbs divs when they end up in the UFC.
4/24/10 5:51:51PM
I can't imagine him in ufc yet
4/24/10 6:10:10PM
Top 3 in WEC pretty close right? Varner in UFC didn't go so well. Not saying that means everything but in this case it think its a good gauge.
4/24/10 6:10:56PM
I think he just adds depth to a division that already has plenty of depth.
4/24/10 7:21:37PM
The guy is tough as nails for sure. His last fight with Cerrone proved that. I am not sure how he would do in the UFC? He is young yet and maybe a little more time working on his stand up would prove him well before coming up to the UFC.
4/25/10 12:35:25AM

Posted by postman

Top 3 in WEC pretty close right? Varner in UFC didn't go so well. Not saying that means everything but in this case it think its a good gauge.

WTH are you talking about. Varner was tooling hermes Franca until he got armbared. A couple months later Hermes fought for a title. In Varners other fight he tapped the guy out in under a minute. This was almost 4 years ago.

I don't like Varner either...but the guy did very well. He lost one match in his debut match to somebody who at the time was the number one contender...amd he was winning the entire thing.

4/25/10 7:49:17AM
They all will be there by end of the year but
Henderson does impress me
4/25/10 10:32:24AM
I think WEC is going to get folded into the ufc, I dont see any reason why not, Aldo vs Faber couldve been a ufc ppv main event and I woulda been fine with that so I hope they fold it into the ufc
4/25/10 1:30:17PM
He would get a couple asswhoopins. He will probably be able to win top fights in a few years if he gets some good solid striking and some better BJJ.
4/25/10 5:30:00PM
After last night i see him being a top contender but not getting past the striking of the Florians/Edgars/Penns of the division. Give him some credit and some time though. He is a great fighter tough as they come and I wouldn't mind seeing him in the UFC soon.
4/26/10 4:24:37AM
great performance but i don't think he's at that level.
if he wants to be a champion 145 might be better
4/28/10 5:55:03AM
Sherdog has him ranked 10th, and MMAWeekly ranks him 9th. Over at Fight Matrix, where the rank via performance, he's ranked 13. I think he'd do just fine.
4/28/10 11:46:57AM
I think he'd do well, but i would pick many of the bigger wrestlers in the division to beat him, as welll as the sprawl and brawl guys with better stnad-up.
11/30/11 5:07:24PM

Posted by 0_Silencer_0

I can't imagine him in ufc yet

I stand corrected, now he's the UFC lightweight division top contender
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