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8/23/07 4:57:11PM
Charles Bennett – call him Krazy Horse, he pleads – admits to a bit of trouble in his 27 years. But, he says innocently, a bit of trouble should not be that unexpected for a guy with crazy in his name.

8/23/07 5:39:28PM
haha, totally "krazy" he is. a lil bit of a nut case even.. maybe not a great, and complete fighter. but totally enteraining in my eyes!
8/23/07 7:28:54PM
Yea he's definatly nuts. That worked for him in Pride too where personalities like that could flourish. And i'm sure he'll do well in Elite. He's not the best fighter around but he seems to have a decent sense of humor about himself. So who cares if he's crazy? Just to see what he'll do is probably the biggest reason i'll check out the Elite show.
8/23/07 11:36:04PM
kevin lole is kind of a douche bag

it was a good article i just didnt like this quote

And so when he's free, this guy who yearns to be a star – "I need to get me in a movie, because my life story is a winner," he says, trying desperately to convince you he believes that himself – is a fighter. Part-time fighter? Perhaps. Full-time convict?

you havent been accepted in mma enough to start bashing what fighters say, hell i give it a few years before they start jacking the idea for this site and come out with a fantasy sports ufc or something lame
8/24/07 12:02:48AM
I dislike Kevin Iole's articles, but I think he found it hard to not somewhat bash someone who hit a pregnant woman.
8/24/07 12:54:02AM
krazy horse is a nutjob after hid=s altercation with gabe reudiger elitexc shud def make that fiite happen mishima had it rite b4 the grand prix bennett is more an entertainer than a fighter
8/24/07 1:35:37AM
Bennets problem in the ring has always been hes lack of stamina (n´lack of submission skill). Thats what hapened last time he fought Joe boxer so I dont know how good it is for him to have a gym in his house, to work on secret techniques.
Still he´ll always remain a favourite of mainz!
8/24/07 11:05:37AM
Yes, but why is it Krazy with a K and not C.
8/24/07 9:18:24PM

Posted by macau

Yes, but why is it Krazy with a K and not C.

He's been knocked around so much on the ground he can't spell anymore?
8/28/07 10:01:50AM
i dunno the only reason i can think of why its a k and not a c

is because maybe hes a blood and bloods are notorious for replacing any word using a c with a k

probably isnt the reason i just figured i'd throw it out there lol
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