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POLL: Who would win the slugfest
Face'smash'Fu Radach 15% (4)
Ruthless Robbie Lawler 85% (22)
10/6/08 11:48:04AM
For me this seems like one of the last fights I will be excited about that elite xc can put on in the near future..... (Their stable is running thin)

But what an awesome fight, both fighters have proven to come out with ruthless abandonment and put it all on the line.

If Elite XC can hold together for just a few more months and Lawler can pull out a win these to fighters will probably face each other

If that happens who do you think will win??? and Why???
10/6/08 12:06:23PM
i really hope this fight happens. i really don't know who to pick cause i could see either guy ko the other. it will be an exciting fight i'm sure. i will probably end up taking radach. but i will not be upset if lawler wins. i would like to see both of them back in the UFC
10/6/08 1:08:31PM
Two of my favorite fighters, so I hate to see either one lose. Yet, I have to go with Ruthless. Hands down Lawler is a much better fighter, now don't get me wrong. Radach is a talented fighter, but Lawler is in another league striking wise. His striking is more technical and I feel he is the more well-rounded fighter. If Lawler decides to fall back on his old fighting style and get caught in a brawl, then Radach has a great shot at landing a devastating strike to put Lawler out. However, I see Lawler fighting another smart fight, much similar to his recent fights with Smith. Lawler will be patient and pick apart Radach from the outside and finish him off with strikes in the 2nd/3rd round when he makes Radach desperate and he'll catch him coming in with a hard left-hook.
10/6/08 2:28:42PM
i was not impressed at all by either Ninja or Benji. their fight was probably the sloppiest exchange i have ever seen on the professional level. they KOed each other twice, and not in the spectacular way, but int the way that they were both so punch drunk they were just throwing slow, ugly bombs. it seemed like they were rocked for the entire fight because the grappling looked like two smashed guys trying to not fall over. it was kind of embarrassing imo and Ninja looked like absolute crap. to sum it up, they were slow, sloppy and just all around awful.

Robbie would win R2 KO
10/6/08 4:01:53PM
Anybody but Anderson Silva who decides to strike with lawler in this division is going to lose.
10/6/08 4:02:01PM
The yshould both be back in the UFC
10/6/08 4:46:16PM
radach have a glass jaw and robbie have stone punches so....stone beat glass
10/6/08 5:23:28PM
Radach almost got knocked out by ninja in that fight. He would get murdered by Lawler. Not beaten....murdered!
10/6/08 6:10:45PM
I don't know how anyone couldn't have enjoyed Benji's last fight. Both guys landed bombs over and over and they were out on their feet halfway through the fight but kept pushing. I thought the fight was a great display of determination.

Benji's standup looked really good, but he's a bit of a brawler...just looking to land that one big right hand. Ninja stood in front of him and allowed him to land the big shots. Robbie is a much more technical fighter and hasn't been knocked out in 4 years (by Diaz, which barring a miracle would never happen again).

Robbie should be able to keep Benji backpeddling with combinations and walk him down. I think Robbie can walk through a couple big shots and land more clean punches in the exchanges, probably pull off a KO in the middle of the 2nd.
10/6/08 7:38:48PM
Well I think Lawler is over rated. He has some of the same holes in his game he has always has and I don't think he would last if he went back in to the UFC. I also think Benji Radach is not as good as people think. I know he beat Murilo Rua last night but Murilo looked bad and so did Radach.
10/6/08 10:37:21PM

Posted by mrkennedy

radach have a glass jaw and robbie have stone punches so....stone beat glass

Ya your right he proved that with his fight against Diaz
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