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10/1/08 1:10:02PM
EliteXC newcomer Benji Radach will be fighting this Saturday during CBS’ “Saturday Night Fights” for the first time since losing in the finals of the IFL middleweight Grand Prix Finals to Matt Horwich last Dec. 29.

Radach was the odds-on favorite to become the first-ever IFL middleweight champion in that fight and a victory would have given him a perfect 6-0 record in 2007. Burned out from competing six times in one year, Radach’s body was depleted and he was not able to perform to the best of his ability.

There still was a silver lining coming out of the loss in that Radach still posted an impressive 5-1 record following a three-year hiatus from competitive MMA due to a multitude of injuries.

Due to the demise of the IFL, Radach never was able to get a second shot at claiming the title. He become a free agent two months ago and spoke with a number of suitors before signing a multi-fight deal with EliteXC.

10/1/08 1:41:20PM
But they say that to everyone. "go get a win outside of the UFC and then we will talk about you coming back"
10/1/08 3:55:42PM
I think the UFC is quite aware of what Benji brings to the table and in their eyes he's just not worth pursuing considering he's coming off a loss. In the UFC he really couldn't be much more than a gatekeeper. Chris Leben broke his jaw so bad I think he was out for three years after that fight.

I think it's in Benji's best interest to fight outside the UFC organization for now. Fight some top free agents and continue to improve so when and if he comes to the UFC he can be more than just a gatekeeper.
10/1/08 4:41:27PM
What, he badmouthed the UFC in an interview with CBS Sportsline? NO way.

I don't think the UFC wanted to give him a shot for the same 2 reasons they overlooked a lot of IFL fighters:

1. it's tough to tell how good they really are when they don't believe the competition was that stiff.
2. they've already got a lot of fighters on contract.
10/1/08 6:25:58PM
Who Cares??!!??
Radach wouldn't do much in the UFC. He can't beat Silva, Hendo, Franklin, Okami, Filho (if he moves to the UFC from the WEC), Leben, and others. So what's the point in signing him? Let EliteXC have him. They need more MW's anyways. It's just more money for the UFC to sign better fighters. Don't get me wrong, I like Benji, but come on.
10/1/08 7:06:44PM
it's just a business benji might have asked for way to much money we won't know
i would rather have him in the ufc that matt horwick
10/2/08 3:58:49AM
bad move by benji. i would be kissing so much butt my lips would turn brown. if history has taught us anything its don't bad mouth the ufc. Jesse Taylor is a recent example. look at him.
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