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5/2/09 8:17:15PM
Benji Radach cites poor refereeing, among other things, as grounds for an appeal

Apparently Radach and camp were not thrilled at how Herb Dean refereed the fight, and are looking to get the decision reversed.
5/2/09 8:20:27PM
there's really nothing to appeal. it was pretty clear he didn't know what was going on.

to Benji being a sore loser
5/2/09 8:24:28PM
Lol what is he mad about? Herb didn't punch him.
5/2/09 8:42:27PM
Why is this even being done Benji? you lost. move on.

it wasn't like it was a huge upset or it was like 50-1 odds at the Derby and you got poked in the eye or something.

just gonna make yourself out to look bad doing this.
5/2/09 8:54:30PM
He got caught with a big right, it happens to everyone at sometime or another just move on. He wasn't making any movement to pull guard and Scott was all over him. It was a good stoppage and I think by doing this is just going to cause him to look like a poor loser in the eyes of many. I'm kind of shocked he is even trying to appeal because the commission isn't going to over turn it.
5/2/09 9:17:58PM
I'm a bit by this. I wonder if Radach is complaining that the fight should have been stopped in his favor when he had Smith in trouble earlier in the fight.

I mean, there were definitely times that Smith was in some trouble, but I thought the fight continuing was fine, and that the eventual stoppage was pretty legit.

EDIT: N/M, just re-read it and he was talking about when he had the guillotine locked up on Smith. I guess he feels that Smith used the cage to get out of the choke, and that Herb should have docked him a point then, or something.... I don't see how that would have made a difference. Dude eventually got KTFO regardless of the scorecards.
5/2/09 9:20:24PM
benji must have taken a page out of penn's book "how to be a sore loser"
5/2/09 9:22:05PM
Yeah I was thinking that too, when he rocked Scott it looked bad but u could tell Scott was making an attempt to defend and recover. When Benji went down I couldn't see him coming out of that and turning the fight around, he would have been pummeled....
5/2/09 10:07:14PM
I think he did hit the back of his head, i sorta thought so at the time. BUT:
The stoppage was based on him not defending. wherever the blow landed, it evidenced his inability, AT THE TIME THE PUNCH WAS THROWN and before it landed, to intelligently defend himself. Anyways the real story here is that he broke his hand in the first or maybe second and fought on so hard.
Now he just looks bad. I see where he's coming from, but unless its something really blatant and obvious like a headbutt that the ref missed that led to a stoppage from cuts, or i guess serious greasing (see Akiyama-Sakuraba, not Penn-Gsp) you cant be running to the commission. He fell like a sack of potatoes from a clean cross.
5/2/09 10:11:57PM
i guess benji mustve read the book how to be a sore loser for dummies
5/2/09 10:56:55PM
the decision I doubt will get reversed.

Lost some respect for Radach after this....
5/3/09 12:06:45AM

What do you expect?

The guy's name is "Benji."
5/3/09 1:40:51AM
this is rediculous. the dude got dropped hard. and the blow to the back of the head when reviewed looks more like he wanted to throw it but in his peripherals he noticed herb and turn it in to a poke. the only reason the shot would have happened in the first place was cause he was munching some canvas and when he got up he was staring at herb and was wondering where scott was. that fight could have gone down in the record books and probably still will but now instead of getting some credit everyone will only be talking about how scott smashed him and he cried about it
5/3/09 2:35:58AM

Posted by cmill21

Lol what is he mad about? Herb didn't punch him.

5/3/09 3:53:38AM
Seems pretty uncharacteristic of Benji. I'm sure he must be quite aware that he has practically zero chance of his appeal working out--so why risk losing face? What's done is done.

Might be a good tactic to get an immediate rematch though, which would be awesome.
5/3/09 3:40:30PM
This is pretty bad that they are complaining about this.
5/3/09 4:37:32PM
If his reasoning really is to get it reversed then it's not too bright.

But if it's a way to get your name out there to face the winner of Smith/Diaz then it sounds like a sound strategy.

Any publicity is good publicity when it comes to matchmaking.
5/4/09 2:22:12AM
He has the right to appeal if he wants. That's the way the system works. However, I think he'll lose. I don't think it's a big deal that he is appealing though. The fight could have just as easily been called 2 other times when scott smith was badly hurt but Herb gave him more time.

All in all, though, you can't really fault Herb Dean for trying to protect the fighter. He WAS doing his job.
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