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1/13/09 3:04:50PM
I held my tongue and chose to stay out of the business & drama, even though i had my opinions. I felt like it wasn't my place(even though it really was) and didn't want to involve myself in what would clearly cause unnecessary stress in my life. I saw no reason to bring this to the public as calling you would have done just fine. But I feel you have been using my name to falsely advertise that I am one of the 20-30 fighters fighting out of your academy or whosoever academy you guys are claiming it is now. I would love to see a list of all these 20-30 Pro fighters anyway with sherdog records. If I am supposedly one of them, I wonder how many others are a lie for marketing your business. How could you produce so many fighters in a month? Seems impossible but thats just me.

You have the nerve to say my name as one of the fighters at your academy in the interview you have in the current issue of "MMA Worldwide" Magazine. Luigi told me about it. I don't know how many ATT guys might have read that and believe the article is true. But as pissed as I was I held my tongue. Seeing no reason to waste my time getting mad. Tried to forget about it. But then I got a myspace message from a guy that said he was gonna train with me and is coming to check the academy out in the next few days. He talked about you so I asked him how heard i was training at your academy thinking if it was from the magazine article i would be mad but get over it. This is the messages we had......

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1/13/09 3:09:05PM
drama they sound like little girls in high school

ben seth

1/13/09 3:24:01PM
Ha...I'd like to see Ben serve up a healthy dose of knees to Seth's grill.
1/13/09 4:12:33PM
1/13/09 5:31:42PM
Fair play Ben. I like that guy, he seems straight up.
1/13/09 11:21:54PM
Seth is almost as big a joke as Kimbo.
1/14/09 1:34:50AM

Posted by postman

Seth is almost as big a joke as Kimbo.

1/14/09 5:08:43AM
Lol @ Saunders making an epic deal out of something some kid told him through myspace.

Lol @ myself for wasting the last hour reading through all the comments

Seriously though, you'd think guys who've shared a working relationship for however many years and have been buddies probably longer would beable to be mature enough to do it through emails or phonecalls rather than on a public board. After reading the replies for Seth and Tom im thinking Saunders made a mountain from a molehill and would rather bring up other arguments than just man up and apologise.

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