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8/6/09 5:57:26PM
"Actually, a year before he really started in MMA, Lesnar came to our camp for two weeks. He watched as I – and I’m not happy about it or bragging about it – but I literally knocked a guy into a concussion during sparring with a head kick. Lesnar just said, ‘Please don’t do that to me.’ He’s not going to forget that. He’s going to know that one hit from me and that could be it "

Look out Fyodor .

8/6/09 6:17:02PM
hmmm Ben against Brock would be pretty interesting.

i would actually enjoy this fight very like to see how lesnar does against somebody as big as Ben
8/6/09 6:23:20PM
He would dump Ben to the Mat and GNP him in the 1st. Your not that athletic Ben I don't see this fight even happening Cain Carwin CC Nelson Randy Kongo..... there is a real big wall for Ben to climb before he even gets a sniff at the title. Just cause you ko'd some chump 3 years ago when Lesnar was in the building all of a sudden your going to take the belt. Good Luck
8/6/09 6:46:57PM
I think this would be a fun fight to see.
I would lean towards Lesnar,but Rothwell may make for a great fight.
8/6/09 7:53:55PM
lesnar ain't the same guy a couple years back!!
8/6/09 8:02:07PM
I take it as an insult to Randy, Mir and indirectly Noguiera when the fan base busts out this mile long list of guys that could beat Brock - he has proven to be as good or better than those guys at least.

I dont put Rothwell anywhere near Randy, Mir or Noguiera - so let him get through those guys before talking about beating Brock.

Also, sparring in standup before Brock was even an mma fighter is a very far cry from how it would go in an actual mma match today. The chances that Rothwell gets off this supposedly amazing head kick are slim to none.
8/6/09 8:44:01PM
this is the same rothwell who fought AA right? so if he is such a devastating striker why didnt he KO cotton candy chin AA?
8/6/09 8:59:13PM
Pointless fight and pointless comment from Ben. Why bring up knocking out someone of no consequence? There have been more than 1 person KOed in the history of combat. Imsure Brock has seen it before. Guessing Bens KO somehow skared brock is a stupid conclussion since it was after that he decided to go into MMA.

Ben would get beat easily by Brock. Ben is out of the same mold as Cabbage, Buentello, etc. He has a big build that helps stop TDs from average guys who are not great wrestlers. Their small limbs allow them to striker well at the same time. But they are turtles on their back because of this same body type. If Brock was a High School level wrestler, or a striker, or a BJJ guy. Then Ben would match up well. But this is one of the worst style match ups he can ask for.
8/6/09 11:43:09PM
So let me get this straight. Before Brock knew anything about stand-up or was training MMA he asked Ben not to high kick him? Sounds reasonable to me.

I am sure Ben didn't want to be suplexed off the top turn buckle too.
8/7/09 3:51:09AM
what a horses ass why would you even say this it sounds stupid so you would have to be afraid of everyone who has ever knocked out someone. why even fight, brock should prolly just give him the belt without fighting, so he doesn't take the head kick he seen in training 3 years ago
8/7/09 6:34:19AM
If you can prove to me that Rothwell can even throw/land headkicks, then I'll consider believing you.
8/7/09 7:13:47AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

lesnar ain't the same guy a couple years back!!

And real fights aren't the same as sparring matches. I think these types of injuries happen in training more because each person is applying dispropotionate amouts of force/intensity at different time and certain techniques end up being applied with more reletive force.
8/7/09 8:59:00AM
Big deal. I don't think anyone wants to get kicked in the head.
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