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11/18/08 9:37:16PM
was he perma-banned or something?
11/18/08 9:47:29PM
I dont know but there is a lot of people missing
11/18/08 9:50:09PM
Couldn't help but notice that there was a new guy on here the other day with the same profile and avatar pic as him...And I knew it was a picture that he took personally at UFC 85. hmmm.

Just went to check on that post, and it looks like the new guy was banned as well.

New Here.
11/18/08 9:52:15PM
way to make the dupe account obvious
11/18/08 10:28:57PM
why did he get banned?
11/18/08 10:54:31PM
Guys, we are trying to avoid starting more banned member threads.

For the record, because I think a lot of members really have the wrong impression, members are almost always banned for these three things

1) Running duplicate accounts. We do check and find them frequently.

2) Breaking the forum rules. Whether you get a formal warning or a ban depends on what you do and how many times you have done it in the past. Yes, we keep track.

3) Making an account for the sole purpose of advertising. This alone consists of over half the bans that I have done. Most of you don't see it because it is reported and taken care of right away.

Everyone needs to understand that we don't ban people without any reason and are pretty good about giving second, third and sometimes more chances. Because most of you don't keep track, you don't notice that a member might have broken the forum rules multiple times.
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