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4/16/10 1:53:57AM
If you have seen this fight then you'll know what I mean when I ask, "What happened? Why did the fight get stopped?"

Was it legitimate or just poor reffing?
4/16/10 2:06:00AM
Askren had Thomas in a choke only for a matter of seconds. His head was kind or torqued at an odd angle. The ref said "show me a sign" probably 2-3 times, but Thomas didn't respond, so he stopped the fight. Thomas was totally fine when Askren let go...and he let the ref know all about it. Thomas didn't respond, but the ref didn't check for a limp arm either. Probably not the best stoppage.
4/16/10 2:30:11AM
ok, that's how i saw it too....i just wasn't sure if i saw it correctly.
i missed the ref saying 'show me a sign" though.
4/16/10 10:38:10AM
bad stoppage, it looked like thomas was just trying to stay relaxed. when you dont answer the ref that can be bad news, but the fault here lies with the ref.
4/17/10 2:03:40PM
i doubt bellator has any good refs,
besides they have their favorites, they know who they want it the finals askren is one of them huerta another, if they find a reason or a chance to stop a fight they will take it
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