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POLL: Your opinion on Ben Askren
Hate his fights, he's too boring 12% (4)
Love his fights, he's a dominant WW 24% (8)
Meh. Don't love or hate the guy 56% (19)
Never watch Bellator 6% (2)
Who the fuck is Ben Askren? 3% (1)
1/30/13 3:46:13PM
Kinda random, and a little last minute.. but your boy P$ and I are gonna be interviewing Ben Askren tonight 6-9pm PT | 9-11pm ET (for link follow us on twitter @TheMMApodcast) and I was wondering if anyone had any question ideas for the champ. I'll give you credit obviously if I use your question..

Here are some I have cooked up already..

Want to ask about him getting into wrestling/MMA
His reaction to all the fans who call him boring
Feelings on wanting to come to the UFC
His experience with Bellator higher-ups
A little frisbee golf thrown in for good measure

Thanks for the help! Listen to the interview live at the top of the show, I'll throw a link here for good measure, too. LINK
1/30/13 3:53:36PM
**Raises Hand**

Ohhh, I have question....

Q.) Please ask Mr. Funky how does it feel to be the BEST WW in the world of MMA?

Yours truly, Chael Sonnen

Ben Askren, where there is no grease involved, or a funny accent, just 2 hands, 2 legs, and a beautiful mop of lettuce
1/30/13 4:06:05PM
Wisconsin Boy. Ask him about the Packers, Brewers and Bucks!!!!
1/30/13 4:09:52PM
i'm not a big fan but by no means do i dislike the guy. his fights get a little slow sometimes, but you got to admire the fact that askren can dictate fights like nobody else. everytime i see him fight my first thought is "oh, this could get ugly if this guy stuffs askren's shots", but within a few minuets askren has him down and is dominating with a large volume of ground strikes. his ground control is crazy effective. i would like to see him fight some tougher competition. i think at this point a top UFC WW would probably tear him up but the sky is the limit for askren and i think he on the right track to becoming great.
1/30/13 4:31:05PM
How did he feel being called a pussy by Karl Amoussou, did it fire him up to get the finish.

Ask him about DukeRoufas, how has that camp improved his game.

1/30/13 4:52:51PM
Askren is green as hell w/ this mma stuff yet he keeps on winning. very bright future for him, as long as he keeps improving.
1/30/13 5:02:00PM
This guy can talk, is improving every fight and his comment about UFC 149 being as boring as watching himself fight has won me over.
1/30/13 5:04:34PM
Ask him what was going through head when he got the tko against Ammossou! Ask him if Ammassou caught him with anything heavy in there last fight & who he wants to battle next?
1/30/13 10:23:47PM
It's probably too late now and the show is over, but given that I just got off work and am just now checking out the forums, I would've asked him about his fight with Heiron, what with Heiron giving him more problems than anybody he has faced to date, and how some of the difficulties he had in that fight helped drive him to such an immense improvement between then and his fight with Ammosou. I've been a fan of askren and thought the sky is the limit for him for quite a while, but the improvements in his game, most specifically his ground and pound, for his fight with Ammosou was certainly the greatest amount of improvement of any fighter I can think of in recent memory from one fight to the next.
1/31/13 2:14:05PM

Posted by Theoutlaw08

Wisconsin Boy. Ask him about the Packers, Brewers and Bucks!!!!

Not a Wisconsin boy, just started training there a year and a half ago
1/31/13 3:59:07PM

Posted by DeadHead988

Posted by Theoutlaw08

Wisconsin Boy. Ask him about the Packers, Brewers and Bucks!!!!

Not a Wisconsin boy, just started training there a year and a half ago

He sure is, he went to Arrowhead High School.

EDIT: Not born here though, but going to HS here qualifies him in my book.
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