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1/11/13 11:23:34AM
After failing a drug test Joey Beltran has released an emotional statement to his friends, family and fans.

1/11/13 11:57:51AM
He said it himself hes stupid and even if he thought it was a legal suplement thats your job as a fighter to look into i dont feel bad at all
1/11/13 12:43:43PM
It should read. I'm sorry to everyone I am new at this cycling thing I promise to get it figured out and assure you I will not piss hot next time. Thanks for your continued support.
1/11/13 1:28:00PM
Your bust Joey....learn from it and move on.
1/11/13 1:34:29PM
same ol story Beltran, err'one blames their supplements..i honestly dont know why fighters act like they didnt juice but the hand was caught in the cookie jar..he should just be like 'yeah i took it cuz i knew i needed that W really bad'..admit ur fault and move on..deny is not the way, lol..
1/11/13 2:03:05PM
That really is an overused excuse...
1/11/13 2:35:20PM

Posted by bjj1605

That really is an overused excuse...

It's the My Dog Ate My Homework excuse, for MMA.
1/11/13 3:29:17PM
Joey is......INNOCENTE...I believe in you....kinda ironic that I'm eating Mexican as I'm typing this
1/11/13 7:12:26PM
Beltran will fight in Japan for three years and bulk up on horse meat, and have a huge fan base so the UFC will market the shit out of him.

Ohh wait we already heard this story.
1/12/13 1:41:34AM
if he had a much bigger name, this wouldn't effect his career too much, but unfortunately thats not the case and beltran is going to suffer for this mistake.
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