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4/15/10 9:30:12PM
Good fights but Askren got a gift.
4/15/10 9:43:37PM
haha that was a big ooops by the referee..glad Askren won though.haha

not sure if hes ready for Hornbuckle. Cooper would be a good fight though.

anyone know how Yarbrough did?
4/15/10 11:59:11PM

Posted by Mayhem13

anyone know how Yarbrough did?

Yarbrough is fighting Saturday at Strikeforce: Nashville.

Curran lost a tune-up fight. I need to see it.
4/16/10 1:25:00AM
just saw that jeff curran lost does any1 know what happened during the fight that made him lose a decision. man that sux was really hopin he could get back on track.
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