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4/17/10 12:05:53PM
Does anyone know how these will work? We already have crowned champions in every division, and there is currently a season two tourney in every division that is ongoing. Is it expected that the winners of this new tourney will face off against the current champions for the titles? I ask because every champion is involved with super fights(and ones I am really looking forward to) across this season, so we'd probably not see title shots until next season? I'm just a little confused about how this is going to go down.
4/17/10 12:31:35PM
The season 2 tournament winners get title shots at the end of the season. All the superfights involving the current champions are NON-TITLE matches.
4/17/10 7:28:17PM
So the champions will fight twice this season?
4/17/10 7:39:51PM
That's the plan, at least for Lombard & Alvarez.
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