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4/4/12 1:33:34AM
Bellator Fighting Championship will begin airing on Spike TV in 2013 and today the two announced plans for unscripted reality show. Partnering with the acclaimed producer Bertram van Munster, the three will create a cutting-edge, one-hour series that will showcase the fighters from the Bellator Fighting Championship.

“Some of the most physically gifted and fascinating athletes in the world fight in Bellator, and I believe they make ideal subjects for an innovative new non-scripted series,” noted van Munster.

Bertram van Munster is an eight-time Emmy® Award winner and the visionary behind the popular reality series “The Amazing Race.” Not much was revealed about the show and it will work and further details will be kept a secret until later this year.

4/4/12 1:54:42AM
If it means more fights I like it. The reality TV part... not so much.
4/4/12 6:04:47PM
just make the reality part Jersey Shore esque, but then have actual fighting and not 2 juice monkeys flailing their arms
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