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2/23/09 12:35:24PM
You’d be hard pressed to find an avid MMA fan that didn’t want to see Strikeforce lightweight champion Josh Thomson face off with East Coast standout Eddie Alvarez. While Thomson carries the belt of an organization poised to be the next serious player in the MMA market, Alvarez’s popularity in recent years has run parallel to the American Kickboxing Academy product. In November, Alvarez signed a deal with Bellator Fighting Championships, whose 12-week tournament based show debuts on ESPN Deportes in April. But Bjorn Rebney, CEO of Bellator FC, says there is room for Alvarez, and others, to roam. And that includes Strikeforce.

2/23/09 12:44:07PM
man oh man would i love to see thompson-alverez........that would be a hard one to pick.......both have good wrestling, i might give a slight edge to thompson...striking wise, thompson is the better kickboxer, but alverez is the better boxer and also has more have to give the slight edge to thompson based on technical skill tho.....chin is a tough one as well, both have shown they can get stopped but there are more incidences with alverez than with thompson when it comes to getting rocked.....bjj id give to thompson, tho both dont really have a strong base there, josh utilizes better bjj for his style than alverez does tho...gas tanks i dont think would be an issue and neither do i think experience and level of competition.....size wise, i think josh would be the bigger stronger the end i see thompson taking a hard fought decision or late fight gnp tko.....but if eddie pulled it off i think it would be a 2nd rd ko/tko
2/23/09 12:59:17PM
Bellator is throwing around an aweful lot of cash to get up and running, and I'm not sure that they've even got long-term goals. I think the tourny is set up to be very entertaining. It's a same it's only on ESPN Deportes.

I'm hoping that there is some carry-over into Strikeforce after the tourny is over. I'm further hoping that Affliction can strike a deal with Strikeforce as well.

I think it would make great business sense for Affliction to become an official sponser of Strikeforce and drop the MMA promotion all together. They can fold there fighter into Strikeforce and get lead sponsor. The network primetime exposure would be pretty big for the T-shirt side of things. And we'd wind up with a very stong #2 competitor to the UFC. Strikeforce also has working relationships with DREAM and WVR. They would set themselves up very wel if they pull it all together.
2/23/09 1:35:13PM
As for what the last guy said, I don't think strikeforce could afford to add anymore fighters at this point and the guys in Affliction are some of the top paid fighters in MMA. I love that Bellator is coming up and can't wait to see how that works out, IMO having a deal with ESPN before they even put on their first show is huge. Here's how I see it Strikeforce will be the lead dog when it comes to consistent shows on good free tv. Affliction should then be the PPV market they could team up loan fighters for CBS/Showtime and get some fighters for their PPVs from strikeforce and do 3-4 ppvs a year. Bellator on the other hand can be a proving grounds of sorts where tournament MMA is a regular. If they can help each other out and not go out of business there's a bright future for MMA outside of the UFC.
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