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2/16/13 12:13:23AM
Great showing from Mutapcic. He's got some talent. I'd like to see him in the ufc soon.

4-2, 51 pts
2/16/13 12:16:29AM
Almost got the 22 pts when the King almost subbed Alvey.

They should've had the Graham Spencer vs Maromo fight on this L2 event.
2/16/13 12:47:49AM
Great night of fights tonight. Every fight was entertaining. Lots of finishes as well.
2/16/13 10:07:45AM
Deep Results

Kazunori Yokota (17-5-3) defeats Shoji Maruyama (12-8-1) via Unanimous Decision
Kazuhiro Nakamura (17-11) defeats Young Choi (16-9-2) via Unanimous Decision
Masakazu Imanari (27-11-2) defeats Kenichi Ito (10-10-8) via Unanimous Decision
Daiki Hata (15-9-7) defeats Toshiaki Kitada (15-6-4) via Unanimous Decision

Damn. My parlay is busted because of Hata.

I finished the event 7-3, 78 pts up only a few hundred.
2/16/13 11:12:58AM
Think I finished 6-4, with not many points, but up about $8000 I believe.
2/16/13 11:16:24AM
8-2, 71 points.

Hit my first parlay of the season on Aliev, Mutapcic, and Hata
2/16/13 11:24:54AM
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