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1/10/13 11:37:58AM
the man of the ganga, Brent Weedman
1/10/13 3:22:58PM
I will take Smash Mode Raul Amaya
1/10/13 9:11:39PM
Ill go with Michail Tsarev

1/10/13 9:41:06PM
Ill go with Jose Gomes never heard of him but he's pretty experienced so I have some hope lol
1/10/13 11:09:09PM
Looks like I got Koffi Adzito! Which is all good with me because how can you lose with a nickname like .. THE LION KINGGGGGGGGG

1/12/13 5:38:40PM

Guillaume DeLorenzi (FF47) vs. Patricky Freire (jae_1833)
• Thiago Michel (DrivenDavies) vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy (Rabi)
• David Rickels (shaneTpain) vs. Lloyd Woodard (Bubbles)
• Will Brooks (Budge) vs. Ricardo Tirloni (sparky)

Draft order:

1. Bubbles
2. Jae
3. Shane
4. Rabi
5. Sparky
6. Budge
7. DD
8. FF47

I'll take Lloyd Woodard first overall

1/12/13 6:31:49PM
Patrick Friere
1/12/13 9:52:24PM
The Caveman David Rickels

1/12/13 9:55:46PM
Alexander Sarnavskiy
1/12/13 10:02:56PM
Ricardo Tirloni
1/12/13 10:57:46PM
Will Brooks
1/13/13 6:13:32PM
Lol crap you beat me to Brooks, ill go ahead and take Thiago Michel then
1/13/13 8:14:17PM
FF47 will then take Guillaume DeLorenzi
1/13/13 11:53:08PM

Posted by Bubbles

FF47 will then take Guillaume DeLorenzi

The only Canadian in the tourny
1/16/13 8:39:04PM
Everyone on weight for the start of our season tomorrow, 3 fights to kick off the LHW tourny!

205 lbs.: Seth Petruzelli (204.8)-JAE vs. Jacob Noe (205.9)-SPARKY
205 lbs.: Renato Sobral (205.3)-SHANE vs. Mikhail Zayats (205.7)-BUBBLES
205 lbs.: Emanuel Newton (205.4)-FF47 vs. Atanas Djambazov (205.6)-BUDGE

Also in action:

Rick Hawn vs Michael Chandler-LW title!

Pat Curran vs Patricio Friere-FW title!

Dont miss it
1/16/13 9:04:26PM
I bet I lose
1/17/13 1:40:16PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

205 lbs.: Renato Sobral (205.3)-SHANE vs. Mikhail Zayats (205.7)-BUBBLES

Wooo tonights the night! The return of Babalu!!! Your going down Bubbs!!! YEEEHAWWWW
1/18/13 12:18:26AM
It was a night of upsets as 3 players advanced in the LHW tournament, with the 4th coming next week.

Emanuel Newton (FF47) def. Atanas Djambazov (Budge) via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 2, 2:21

Mikhail Zayats (Bubbles) def. Renato Sobral (Shane) via TKO (strikes) - Round 1, 4:49

Jacob Noe (Sparky) def. Seth Petruzelli (Jae) via TKO (strikes) - Round 1, 2:51

The next round will be Bubbles vs Sparky and FF47 vs Ray or DrivenDavies
1/18/13 9:55:00AM
battle of the 905
1/18/13 11:22:39AM

Posted by Bubbles

battle of the 905

Huge upset my boy Noe scored last night. He won me a bit of cash on my wagers to.

WAR 905
1/18/13 8:10:26PM
I just read Noe is out indefinitely
1/19/13 2:50:26PM

Posted by sparky

I just read Noe is out indefinitely

Not necessarily. He just has to be cleared by a doctor and hes good to go.

Either way you will retain your spot in the tourny. Whoever his replacement is will be your new fighter.
1/20/13 9:10:17PM
Babalu is one of my favorite fighters, that being said it is time for him to retire...that jaw is done son! Seth P., you suck!
1/23/13 5:21:43PM
Ben Saunders vs. Koffi Adzitso!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow night! The Lion King is gonna squash the Killa Bee! Sorry Sparky but get ready for upset of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/23/13 5:35:52PM

Posted by shaneTpain

Ben Saunders vs. Koffi Adzitso!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow night! The Lion King is gonna squash the Killa Bee! Sorry Sparky but get ready for upset of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No chance!

1/23/13 7:52:29PM
Everyone on weight for 5---count um---5 tourny fights!

Muhammed Lawal (205)-DRIVENDAVIES vs. Przemyslaw Mysiala (205.6)-RABI - light heavyweight tournament opening round


• Douglas Lima (170.6)-BUDGE vs. Michail Tsarev (170)-FF47 - welterweight tournament opening round
• Koffie Adzitso (170.8)-SHANE vs. Ben Saunders (169.8)-SPARKY - welterweight tournament opening round
• Brent Weedman (171)-BUBBLES vs. Marius Zaromskis (169.2)-RABI - welterweight tournament opening round
• Raul Amaya (171)-JAE vs. Jose Gomes (170.8)-DRIVENDAVIES - welterweight tournament opening round


Ben Askren vs Karl Amoussou for the WW title!!!!
1/23/13 9:31:19PM
2 tourney fighters for me tomorrow night!
Lawal makes his return and Bellator debut and Gomes on the undercard

I have the biggest favorite in the LHW tourney and probably the biggest underdog in the WW tourney Still pumped though!
1/25/13 11:07:17AM
Sorry for the delay, here are some updates from last night:


Muhammed Lawal (DRIVENDAVIES) def. Przemyslaw Mysiala (RABI) via knockout (punch) - Round 1, 3:52 - light-heavyweight tourney opening round


Raul Amaya (JAE) def. Jose Gomes (DRIVENDAVIES) via TKO (punches) - Round 1, 3:12

Brent Weedman (BUBBLES) def. Marius Zaromskis (RABI) via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

Ben Saunders (SPARKY) def. Koffi Adzitso (SHANE) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) - welterweight tourney opening round

Douglas Lima (BUDGE) def. Michail Tsarev (FF47) via TKO (leg kicks) - Round 2, 1:44 - welterweight tourney opening round



Muhammed Lawal (DrivenDavies) vs Emanuel Newton (FF47)

Mikhail Zayats (Bubbles) vs Jacob Noe (Sparky)-POSSIBLY OUT DUE TO INJURY


Brent Weedman (Bubbles) vs. Douglas Lima (Budge)

Ben Saunders (Sparky) vs. Raul Amaya (Jae)

And finally, the first match up of the MW tourny has been confirmed:

Brian Rogers vs Dan Cramer
1/26/13 3:15:07PM
apparently Weedman is out of the tournament with a broken hand from his twitter:

Brent Weedman ?@brent_weedman

And then...the bad news. Needs surgery, looks like Tuesday.

1/28/13 8:20:01PM
No confirmations yet on Noe or Weedman dropping out, we'll have to wait and see.

The featherweight tournament was confirmed today, the draft will begin shortly:

Marlon Sandro vs. Akop Stepanyan
Alexandre Bezerra vs. Genair da Silva
Fabricio Guerreiro vs. Magomedrasul Khasbulaev
Mitch Jackson vs. Mike Richman
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